Getting more sales from your ecommerce website

Getting more sales from your ecommerce website

If you run an ecommerce website, then you will know that getting sales and improving your conversion rate is one of the biggest tasks at hand.

You could have all the targeted traffic in the world, but if your website repels them and makes buying from you difficult, then you will have very little, if any sales.

It’s important not only to have tons of traffic and prey that some converts but to create a predictable system and consistent conversion rate that allows you to predict for X number of visitors you will get X amount of sales giving you a conversion rate of X%.

When you know this number, it makes growing your online sales and your overall business far simpler.

Here are a few simple ways that you can improve your ecommerce website sales almost immediately:

Analyse what your visitors are doing

If you aren’t in your Google analytics at least once a week then you are doing yourself a disservice. 

We have spoken to clients who don’t even check on their analytics at least once a month let alone once a week!

By checking in on your analytics once a week you can get an insight into your visitors’ behaviour: which pages are hot, which aren’t, what devices are being used to access your website and importantly your bounce rate and site on time metrics.

Bounce rate is important as it identifies visitors to your website who leave almost immediately, if this is in the 70% region then your website has a serious issue, maybe even technical, you want to aim for a bounce rate around 40%.

Google analytics allows you to run split tests – the purpose of your split test should be to improve your metrics: increase site on time, increase page views, increase conversions and decrease bounce rate.

Also, it is a great idea to install some software like Inspectlet – This records visitors to your website so that you can watch back and see their interactions with your website – You can then see and fix any friction points.

When you analyse and have the data to hand you know how to respond and fix any issues.

Run Split Tests

A split test is when you have 2 pages side by side that you show to a percentage of you audience to find out which one performs better.

A split test may be something as simple as the only difference between the 2 pages being a single word or it could be as extreme as whole new design.

The idea of a split test is to send a percentage of your traffic to one version and another percentage to the other page. You then measure your metrics such as sale increase, bounce rate, time on page etc and then draw a conclusion as to which performs better.


Be mobile friendly

Mobile sales are overtaking desktop sales for the first time ever and it’s time to ensure that your mobile website functions as smoothly as your desktop version and captures, not loses you, sales.

Go through your mobile site as a user – Ensure that you can navigate easy and get to where you want with complete ease – Even ask your friends to test for you and get their feedback.

Make sure your checkout in mobile is mobile optimised, there’s great payment processors such as Stripe that work brilliantly on mobile and make checking out on mobile a breeze.

Along with being mobile friendly and taking mobile payments don’t’ forget to include your SSL certificate, which means your web address becomes https:// and it shows that all important padlock in the browser bar.

That’s 3 easy ways that you can get more sales from your ecommerce website. Whilst very simple and obvious, they are often over-looked.

Many focus on riving more traffic when in fact it’s better to improve your conversion rate by analysing and split testing to give you a more predictable ecommerce business.

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Getting more sales from your ecommerce website

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