Feed and Speed Your Social Media Metabolism

July 12, 2015

The best way to keep momentum in your company’s social media efforts is to become a social media nutritionist and change the way you’re consuming content.

“Eat many small meals throughout the day” is the mantra of many a nutritionist when teaching clients on how to keep their metabolism going.  Your body is like a locomotive gaining momentum and energy from the frequent small feedings. Social media I will tell you works the same way.

I’ve written about the importance of regular blogging, press releases, tweets but creating relevant content on a regular schedule isn’t easy. It’s not that we’re lazy, it’s that — OK – we are lazy, or busy, or just fresh out of ideas. But that’s unacceptable.

The reason these lapses occur is because most  people write only when things need to be written and postpone it as long as possible (remember college term papers?) But for those of us who make a living through writing know that writers write all the time.  When we’re walking, running, even sleeping. Regardless of what writing deadline I’m on, chances are I’m writing something else. This article, in fact, is being composed in my head while waiting online at the supermarket. (Which reminds me, I forgot to get eggs, but I digress).
Facebook is a great way to keep your Social Media Metabolism burning. Now before you go spouting about how Facebook has done nothing for your business, let me stop you right there and say “I agree.” It’s tough for most businesses to get business on Facebook. And asking friends and family for company likes  or posting news on your company page is not what I’m suggesting.

I’m saying that if you are the one responsible for creating all those blogs, and tweets, and press releases for your company, then you should be posting and commenting on yours and your friends pages to keep your creative juices flowing.  Or comment on that news story or blog you just read. Or join LinkedIn groups. Sound off. Make a snarky quip. Add poignant insights.  This gets your social media metabolism burning.

As a caveat to doing more of your personal social media, you’ll actually want to create more social media post rather than feel obligated or pressured.  When it’s time to post engaging content about your company, you’ll be “in the zone” as they say. You’ll also likely see stories that could tie in well with your brand.

And make your posts leaner. Too many companies fill the posts with a month’s worth of news. Not good for readership, and unless it’s all the same topic, not good for SEO either.

So start thinking about social media more like a marathoner. Rather than three-multi-course, fatty meals, think many lean engaging posts. You’ll feel better and your sales team will thank you.

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