Facebook Ad Performance Trends you Should Know [Infographic]

Apart from organic social media posts, email marketing campaigns, competitors’ research, and SEO, Facebook ads are also vital if you want to reach a new audience and boost your brand’s visibility.

You can indeed do it all organic, but you have to try paid ads if you want faster results.

By conducting Facebook Ads, you can grow your business and reach more people than you ever will with organic posts. They’ll take your company to the next level.

As you probably know, the first step in creating a Facebook ad is to set your objectives. The list includes brand awareness, traffic, reach, engagement, lead generation, local awareness, conversions, etc.

Your objective is what will determine the Facebook campaign’s ad format, and why not – the success of your ad.

Did you know that conversions are the main campaign objective for almost 27% of Facebook ads?

There are a lot of things you should know before starting your business first ad. Like where you should place the ad for better results, what type of ad you should choose so you could reach a new audience, etc.

Did you know that “an ad is displayed to a viewer on average 1.75 times through the Audience Network, 1.55 times on Facebook, 1.21 times on Instagram, and 0.98 times on Messenger.”?

These are essential information you should know before starting promoting your business on social media through ads.

Recently, the team from Socialinsider analyzed more than 250k social media ads, from 3,887 ad accounts, and discovered the answers to these questions and more.

In this study, you will discover:

  • Which placement is better for your ad
  • How to set your ad’s objectives
  • What to do to increase your click-through rate
  • How to choose between different ad types

Here’s a useful infographic, highlighting key findings from the study.

Discover why you need to invest in Facebook ads, and what the benefits are!

Facebook Ad Performance Trends you Should Know [Infographic]

Facebook Ads Study – a complete study about Facebook ads and what you should know before starting

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