Effective Email Marketing Strategy: Newsletters

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools you can have in your Internet marketing arsenal. But what sort or email advertisements should you send out? Well, think of all your email subscriptions and reflect on which of the email ads you receive are most effective in promoting not just the sender’s goods and services, but also effective in maintaining your business relationship with the sender. One particular marketing scheme is effective in both endeavors: email newsletters.

They are great for both new opt in clients and old timers, and they’re sent on a regular basis, so you get a constant and consistent marketing campaign out of them. But you need to make sure you actually do it right, because you don’t want this otherwise effective tool messing up. Here are some reminders on how to maximize sending out regular newsletters.

Ensure OPT IN-Don’t SPAM

Make sure that you are-or if you have an email marketing program, that it is-properly keeping track of your opt in subscribers. The last thing you want is to spam your clients. That’s a virtual death sentence to your email marketing solution.

Permission isn’t the only thing you ensure when you get your clients’ consent. After getting them to opt in, don’t forget to request that they add your email advertising address to their contacts list and white your emails out-that is to say, pre-emptively tell their email or webmail provider to NOT mark emails received from you as spam. It’s possible that they opted in but never get your regular newsletters because they keep getting moved to the spam folder by the email provider.

Avoid Sending Them Out just so You Send Them Out

Newsletters, by their very definition, are supposed to be informative, entertaining, and overall beneficial forms of media. So don’t go sending them out daily just for the heck of it. Ensure that you’re sending quality material, beneficial updates, great news, perks, and offers if possible to your opt in clients. And don’t be sending bulk email day after day too. You need to learn to even out and space out the emails and the frequency in which they are sent out.

Keep to Newsletter Quality and Don’t Ever Forget to Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

Most importantly and working hand in hand with keeping the high quality of your newsletters is to always keep in mind that you’re not performing a public service, your goal is to advertise. So pitch, pitch, pitch. It doesn’t have to be proactive-though that is preferable if you can get away with proactive sales pitches in newsletters without being annoying or pushy-the pitch just needs to be there. It’s a given that sending out newsletters about your company or your business and your goods and services is already part and parcel of good Internet marketing via email, but a unique selling proposition or a final note that nudges the recipients towards another step into your business relationship is always good to have. If you use email marketing software for instance, go for branding by adding your own signature. Branding, in and of itself, is already a unique selling proposition.