Do This – Now That Facebook’s News Feed Is Dead

— February 5, 2018

Do This – Now That Facebook’s News Feed Is Dead

A couple of weeks ago Facebook announced they are reducing the number of organic (not-paid) business news stories that display on your Facebook feed. For businesses – especially ones with a small or non-existent advertising budget, this is crushing news.

But what if I were to tell you that this is more an opportunity than a setback.

I see far too many businesses putting hours into social media postings on Facebook (and other sites) with few verifiable leads resulting. Don’t hit my inbox with hate mail – social media has its place, and it is without a doubt; the place to story-tell and engage. But for their efforts in posting stories and pictures; most businesses would be hard pressed to point to a receipt and say it was the result of a Facebook post.

Here’s the problem… and it’s been this way for a long time.

Facebook is the Las Vegas of social media, what happens there – stays there. Very few posts escape the social black hole and end up displaying on search engines like Google (which drives most business website traffic).

But what if, instead of sharing your story on Facebook, you wrote your story on a blog, then shared that on your fave social media channels?

The power of a blog is that it can have fantastic visibility in search engines – unlike most social media posts. You also have greater control of the look/feel of your story. And when sharing that blog story on social media, all the earned engagement benefits your blog as a whole – instead of having a collection of mixed-results social channels.

But wait – it get’s better

If your blog is part of your website – your social media activity can drive a lot of new traffic to it. Every blog post you write is just like adding a new page to your website. This new traffic can help boost your ranking and visibility on search engines!

The demise of Facebook’s news feed isn’t crushing news after all – it’s an opportunity to do something different, and maybe even see better results for your efforts.

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Author: Chris Sheehy

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