Discover MarTech takes a deep dive into digital transformation

The three-day virtual event that kicks-off on Tuesday has something for all marketing technologists — whether you’re a martech maestro, modeler or maker.

We are so excited to kick off our first virtual MarTech conference, Discover MarTech, and it comes at a time when businesses need solid, tactical info to help them navigate this uncertain time.

In total, we are going to be presenting nearly 40 sessions that will start on Tuesday and last through Thursday. MarTech Conference Chair Scott Brinker will kick-off the event, and during his keynote, Scott will discuss what marketers can expect when the smoke clears and what marketing will look like in a post-coronavirus world. He also has new insights from our latest martech career survey that he will share.

But while the entire event is packed with valuable content, we know that one topic that is top of mind for most in our martech community right now is keeping their martech stacks at full-tilt in the face of major business challenges. So here’s a quick overview of three sessions that address the immediate impact of the pandemic on businesses right now.

Implications of the New World on Your Martech Stack and Processes

On Tuesday, the Global Product Marketer lead for Acoustic, David Miller, and his colleague Loren McDonald, program director for marketing research are hosting the “Implications of the New World on Your Martech Stack and Processes.” The two will offer a practical guide for MOPs operational practices during the pandemic, looking at data management implications, multichannel integrations, and the importance of agile environments.

This is going to be well worth a listen for MOPs teams out there trying to do as much as they can while running on limited resources and smaller staffs.

From 0 to 60: Digital Transformation in the Age of Coronavirus

Businesses are having to pivot like never before. The pandemic has changed everything, from the way we work to the way we market our products and services. Many consumer journey maps from just a month ago are now completely irrelevant as consumer behavior has shifted almost exclusively to online channels for many brands. What does all this mean? Digital transformation is no longer something business may consider in the future — it’s an immediate priority for any business that hopes to survive current economic conditions.

On day two of Discover Martech, Widen’s Director of Customer Success Michael Shattuck will present the “From 0 to 60: Digital Transformation in the Age of Coronavirus” session — unpacking the most uncomfortable questions we now have to ask about marketing technology in terms of digital transformation: What becomes a marketing technologist’s purpose if growth is unattainable? And, which processes and technology should be kept and which should be left by the wayside?

Adapting to Changing Market Forces: How to Iteratively Plan and Prioritize Work

How does a team collaborate effectively when entire staffs are now working remotely? On Tuesday, Workfront’s VP of Product Marketing Erica Gunn will host a session that answers this very question and all the follow-up questions that come with it. Gunn’s “Adapting to Changing Market Forces: How to Iteratively Plan and Prioritize Work” will go well beyond the tools needed to adopt work-from-home policies, instead focusing on the programs that enable flexibility without diminishing outcomes — creating environments where teams are aligned, focused and engaged.

These are just a few of the sessions that will offer immediate insight into the crisis at hand. There’s also an entire list of sessions that address a number of hot topic issues, from using AI to increase campaign ROI to CDP use cases and ID resolution challenges. Our team has put together the Discover MarTech Hub so that you can browse all the sessions we’ll be hosting over the next three days and even filter to find the topics that you’re most interested in learning more about. Registration for the event is still open.

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