Diagnosis: Bad User Experience on Websites

  • March 23, 2015

    User experience includes meaningful and valuable human-computer interaction with practical and experimental aspects. It also includes the user’s perception such as ease of use and efficiency. The user experience is subjective up to a certain degree with respect to the knowledge of the user.

    Here are 10 Bad User Experiences:

    Poor loading website speeds

    Poor loading speeds of websites

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    When you come across an informative but a slow loading site, it is frustrating to wait to receive the information. While the site is loading, it leaves doubt in the minds of potential buyers about the quality of the brand itself.

    Frustrating navigation

    Frustrating navigation

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    When the site has a messed up layouts and navigation facilities, the user will be frustrated, as he/she must browse through several pages of content to arrive at the correct information. Even though the site is performing well overall in the rate of conversion and popularity, the user experience will be negative.

    Familiar Images


    Using commonly available images on the website can negatively influence the user experience. Images are necessary to make a website appealing, and so it is important to use unique images that are uncommon for the users and related to the content of the website.

    Enforcing experience on the users


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    Many sites make the mistake of enforcing certain rules and experience to their users such as registration before entering the sites or asking to share the site on social media. Opening popup windows and displaying unwanted content to the user is one of the contributors to bad user experience. Users do not want such enforcement upon them, and they will abandon such sites without even a second thought.

    Sophisticated user interface

    Sophisticated user interface

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    Sites are going complex in the name of modernizing the user experience with various tricks and animations. Making the user experience complex will not bring much satisfaction to the user. Every user wants a simple and faster user interface, which is capable of satisfying their needs without making it a complex process.

    Lack of Engaging content


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    Every visitor has a purpose for landing on a site, which can be for information or entertainment. The site should be able to communicate clearly with the visitor about the brand and available products and also entertain them and keep them engaging. Communication between the user and the brand is critical to making the right impact for real user experience. It can be achieved with various plugins for sharing on social media and posting comments.

    Still and uninteresting sites

    Still and uninteresting sites

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    Many sites are capable of making the users leave within few seconds of their visit. Sites with boring content can make such an impact. Every user wants a good experience, and it does not mean fancy websites are excellent. The website should be simple, engaging, and informative for making the user experience enjoyable.

    Absence of Proper information

    Absence of Proper information

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    When a visitor likes a product or service offered by the company, he/she wants to contact the company about the product for more information. If the contact details are absent or the information present is not proper, then the user experience is highly affected by negative feedback. Every site must include correct contact information with phone numbers, address, social media, and online contact information.

    Old and outdated content

    Old and outdated content

    Websites with weak and old content will make the site look dull and boring. The site must have good content for making it look fresh for visitors. The content must be changed with dated elements which can be updated periodically such that the site will look new for the user, which will enhance the user experience. Images and blogs can be updated with time to maintain the user experience at a definite level.

    Fully focused on sales

    Fully focused on sales

    Even though the purpose of the website is to sell products, it should offer informative content for the visitors. Many sites are entirely focused on selling their products where they make the mistake of not providing enough information to the users and keeping them engaged and entertained. The user should be treated with respect by making the website address their needs without making the site pushing for sales pitch.

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