Convert More Customers This Christmas

by Vivienne Egan November 25, 2015
November 25, 2015

Convert More Customers This ChristmasYou can convert more customers over the Christmas period by remarketing to your customers through the entire journey they take. Capture data from as many new visitors as possible and maximise contact with customers at all available touch points.

Remarketing throughout the entire customer journey

You are not simply trying to sell to your customers; you are encouraging them onto the path that leads to a sale (a conversion). Every moment your customer engages with your brand is an opportunity to put your potential customers onto that path. Where you catch your potential customers and how you push them onto the conversion path really depends on your campaign.

The first few steps on the path to conversion may be introducing your customers to your brand and what it stands for. Later, the steps may include having the potential customers engage with something on your website such as your blog, online tools, or product reviews.

Converting as many new visitors as possible

You can’t remarket to your customers without their email address at least. A conversion doesn’t always mean getting a sale right away. For example, if part of the sales path (funnel) you have set up involves marketing to your contacts to reinforce your brand, then your primary aim will be to capture as many of your visitors into newsletter subscribers.

Maximizing contact with customers through all touch points

You must be able to grab the attention of every potential customer through each touch point, be it social media, your email list, adverts, blogs and so forth. What is just as important is the removal of barriers from touch points. Savvy brands will test and optimise various elements of their customer touch points to ensure they’re having the desired effect.

Send emails to customers after cart abandonment

You can trigger an email to automatically send to your customers that have abandoned their cart. These emails should contain the cart items and encourage them back to buy. You should wait a little while before the first send in case the customer comes back to complete the purchase. Sending a cart abandonment email to a customer who has since returned and purchased can create a very bad customer experience. Smart software will detect when a customer has purchased and remove them from the cart abandonment email series automatically. Send your first cart abandonment email around 35 minutes after the cart has been abandoned, the next around 24 hours after and then a third email 5-6 days after.

Cart recovery program emails

There are key elements you should always include in a cart recovery email to address the main reasons for customer abandonment and customer concerns. For example, always clearly show a link to your returns policy, offer a phone number and display the payment options you offer to name just a few. It is important to test your emails to see which work best for you. You can also try adding incentives or arbitrary time limits for offers, to help encourage back to basket click-throughs.

Basket reminder programs help convert more

You can encourage your customer to complete their purchase using an overlay that is triggered to appear as the customers goes to leave their basket. This overlay can contain an offer to encourage the customer to stay and purchase. Otherwise, it will ask the customer for their email address and offer to send them their basket so they can come back and complete at a time that suits them, saving them time as they don’t have to refill their basket. This also means you have their data and can continue to remarket to them in the future.

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