Busting the Myths About Social Media and Email Marketing

April 3, 2016


If you post it and you Tweet it they will come. Right? Maybe not.

While Social Media is an excellent way to build rapport with potential clients, it can’t begin to compare with email marketing for driving sales.

Yes, social media is an important part of your marketing plan, but I see too many businesses putting all their eggs in the social media basket and being frustrated with the results.

Today we will look at the myths about social media and email marketing and why utilizing consistent email marketing is critical to building your client base and increasing sales.

Myth 1: A big list is always better than a small list

While having a large email list may sound impressive, it’s the quality of the list that matters.

How many of those subscribers are “real” ones versus spam? How many of them are truly targeted customers? How many are just interested in getting whatever they can for free from you?

Having a small, responsive list will always outweigh having a “fat” list loaded with lukewarm prospects.

Myth 2: Unsubscribes are bad

It can be scary (and frustrating) when you send out a newsletter to see some people unsubscribe.

Actually, that’s a good thing. You have to have a list of prospects who are interested in what you have to say and your offerings. If people leave your list, it means they weren’t a fit and it was very unlikely they would do business with you.

You are “not” everyone’s teacher.

Have faith that the people who are meant to be on your list will be grateful to hear from you.

Myth 3: You can really take advantage of your list and send lots of sales offers to them

Think of your email list as a group of people who want to have a relationship with you. Relationships are not one-sided.

In true friendships you give value, compassion, caring, and help. If a relationship is “all about me” it’s uncomfortable for the other person.

Strive to keep balance in the messaging you share. For every two email blasts sharing articles and helpful information, send one sales note. Make sure the relationship feels like a win/win for your subscribers.

Myth 4: Social media is a proven way to grow your email list

Yes and no.

Social media can grow your email list and sales, but you need to be intentional and strategic about it.

Remember to post occasional calls to action with ways they can subscribe, get your free report, or join your new webinar.

You can:

  • Add a “sign up” call to action on your Facebook page.
  • Put a description and link on your Facebook or Twitter timeline with how they can sign up for your special report.
  • Drive them to your blog to read an article and have an opt-in offer on that web page.
  • Use Twitter’s campaign cards to get free report signups

Online Marketing is All About Finding the Perfect Mix

Every marketing channel has its place. They all work together to help you attract a following, build trust, and build the rapport that leads to sales.

Social media is a fantastic tool for awareness; however, email marketing is still the top tool for driving sales.

In the end, capturing leads and building relationships while sharing offers is still the best-proven way to boost your income.

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