Boosting Visibility of Your Blog Post With Social Media Integration

  • March 31, 2015

    Blogging and social media have always resonated well with each other, particularly in this time when social media is enjoying its glory at peak and everyone on earth seems to be a blogger. Social media has emerged as a platform where bloggers can distribute and promote their posts. Since the bloggers can now enjoy the freedom to speak anything under the sky, social media helps them create a platform that lets them “sell” their idea or opinion among the masses.

    Why Social media with blogging?

    Social media tunes well with blogging, and that means you can not only get more readers but also expect deeper interaction from them. As more and more people participating in the discussion, you can also get to know what they find interesting, and what they want to have on your blog. By ensuring that your blog posts are social, you can also gather more ideas on all that been trending in!

    Since social media is also a platform that largely thrives on the materials for the users to consume the same, it can’t be denied that both make a great match.

    In order to ensure that your blog gets more visitors and is more social, here are some tips that can help

    Twitter’s Embedded Feature

    With the help of embedded feature in twitter, you will be glad to know that any tweet can be incorporated in your blog. The best thing with twitter’s embedded feature is that the users can connect and interact with just a tweet that remains there in your website. Apart from seeing the text that the tweet carries, there is a lot more that you can do.

    You don’t have to log out from your blog, rather you can reply, follow or simply retweet and even mark favorite on the tweet directly from your blog. Not only this, you can also click on any link directly from the post. Actually anything that you could have done on twitter can be executed within your blog.

    Sharing With Social Media Buttons

    You have written an amazing blog post, would you not want to make it easy to share as well? If you have been wondering how you can go about it, well we have the answer – social media sharing button! With the help of widgets or plugins, you can add the relevant social media buttons so that users can share the posts on the most popular and the most explored social media networks. Ungagged has seen a remarkable increase in the interaction level after it adds social sharing buttons on its website. Social sharing skyrocketed after a few days of social media integration.

    Incorporating social media buttons has become very common as you can find them in a lot of blogs and websites. Not only that of social media, you can also add buttons to plenty of services available. To enhance the fun, you can also incorporate animated icons.

    Build Social Stories

    By building the social media stories, you can ensure that the two different platforms of social media and blogging become one and serve your purpose. Interesting content and interaction on the social web can ensure that your blog posts are directly involved. It will further contribute to making it much more social.

    You can also include Youtube, Facebook, twitter, flickr and various other social platforms for gathering material and building interesting social stories. Make sure that you’re adding your own perspective in the narrative for creating an appealing social story.

    Comments Box

    Comments for the blog posts suggest how readers felt motivated to drop in their piece of opinion. Most of the times, comments are a writer’s reward. Comments also frame a social network – even though at a micro level. However, now the comments need not remain inside your blog.

    There are plenty of ways to ensure that the comments given on your blog posts by users can make it more social and facebook comments box is one of them. The good thing with facebook comments box is that they offer the commenter an option to “post to facebook” which means his/her friends too can view the activity. People who further “like” the activity can also engage in the discussion.

    Using social media as a channel for distribution of your posts will only make it easier to reach to a wider section of audience that can also play a crucial role in raising your SEO ranking and strengthening your brand. It also simplifies your blogging efforts as seamless integration of social media with blogging only makes you a better blogger.

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