ASO in Numbers [Infographic]

App store optimization, like its cousin SEO, requires consistency not only in your efforts to perfect your campaigns but also in your drive to acquire more knowledge about it. Acknowledging that continuous education is the key to success when operating in a field that never remains stagnant only takes you closer to achieving your goals.

After having handled numerous app marketing campaigns in our decades of operation, we at Dot Com Infoway (image source link) know how pivotal the role of ASO knowledge is. It not only allows us to help our clients improve their campaigns, but it also serves as one of our main ingredients to stay ahead of the competition.

That being said, we also firmly believe in making fundamental information easily accessible to any individual or enterprise that has an insatiable thirst for knowledge regarding this topic. With the amount of information available in various sources online, it could be hard to distinguish between what is right and what is still relevant and what is, simply put, not.

Hence, we took the liberty to construct our own infographic centering on key points about App Store Optimization. If you want to brush up on the basics, know proven-working methods to boost app installs and rankings, and even techniques that you may have overlooked, then know that this infographic will deliver no less than the most complete and up-to-date source of knowledge about the App Store Optimization for both Apple App Store and Google Play.

What would normally take days and even weeks researching, plus first-hand tips from our expert team, have been included in this infographic in a compressed form for easy reading. Once you read it, you’ll find out soon enough that there’s still much to learn to achieve your app’s success with its help.

ASO in Numbers [Infographic]

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