An in-Depth Understanding of How to Hire an Entertainment Attorney like John Branca Harvard

An in-Depth Understanding of How to Hire an Entertainment Attorney like John Branca Harvard

Being in the entertainment industry calls for different things rather than releasing content and building brands. This field offers a platform for musicians, film creators, directors, and producers to showcase their talents. There is much that goes around content creation and release, signing contracts as well as making payments. All this requires an entertainment attorney for proper legal representation. The law practitioner advises their clients on the best arrangements to work on and comes up with rules to be observed during the contract period. The entertainment lawyer is responsible for individual or brand legal representation in the court when the need arises. Below are the steps to follow when hiring an attorney.


Many law firms offer entertainment law representation. Researching the best performing entertainment attorney to work with from the firm is essential. Checking out reviews made by other clients is necessary. Determining what type of education the attorneys have, whether from Harvard or another top legal school, can help make a decision. This type of research helps you understand their performance and capabilities before you decided to settle with one.


Different lawyers specialize in various fields as well. Ensure that the attorney is specialized in the entertainment field, like the prolific John Branca. Their portfolio should give you more detailed information on how skilled enough they are. A lawyer who has worked for a reputable client and has an excellent educational background, such as a Harvard degree, is the best to work with. This is because they have the proper exposure to the industry and have handled different types of claims.


Ensure that you do a thorough background check on the entertainment attorneyYou should identify the institutions they attended as well as the law firms they have worked for. This gives you a glimpse of the much experience they have. It will prepare you for the kind of working relationship that you will have too.

Your needs

It is essential to understand your brand or individual needs. If you have already grown your brand to the point of outshining your competitors, ensure that you go for an experienced and valuable lawyer. This is to ensure that you have your needs best legally represented.


They should provide details on the period they have been in the industry. They should provide testimonials on clients they have worked with before. If there has been any legal representation to the court of law, check out if the claim was a success or not. This will brief you on the ability the lawyer has.


Different entertainment lawyers have different pricing for their services. Depending on the quality of service they promise to deliver, negotiate a price that your company can afford to pay.

Terms of service

You need to understand the terms at which the law practitioner will be offering the service. Read through the terms of service before you agree to sign the contract. This helps keep the working relationship clear up to the agreed contract period.

Being in the limelight requires the best legal protection from someone like John Branca who has represented many A-list celebrities. This is to have your company as well as associate employees well represented. When acquiring an entertainment attorney, ensure that you assess their ability for the best guarantee that the service will meet your needs.


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