8 Tips to Become a Freelancer Through the Internet

— May 10, 2017

Working freelance often dreams freedom, independence, creativity, flexibility, autonomy … However, a great question arises: how to succeed in this new idea? Indeed, to become your own boss is also to face alone to the work to be carried out. Well almost. The Internet is fast becoming your best ally in your quest for self-employment!

Follow these 8 tips to become a freelancer:

1. Define the services to be offered

You are an expert in a field and you want to launch body and soul in its execution. You surely have a lot of ideas. The important thing is to define the services you want to offer your clients. An activity that you are passionate about and in which you excel. Programming, design, translation, graphics, marketing … these are just a few of the services you can offer. The important thing is to define your idea so to create the basics of your business. By selecting your activity, you become your own boss.

2. Complete the administrative steps

To access legally to the status of independent, you must register with the authorities in your area of residence. The activity carried out as a freelancer is then declared to USAID. Registration with other official bodies such as USAID or the Tax Center is essential in order to legally exercise as a freelancer.

3. Attract your future customers

You have created a business in its own right. A business that must attract customers. To do this, do not hesitate to invest in its marketing by hiring a professional programmer to create your own website. You are the boss of your company and your services must inspire confidence and quality.

4.Find your customers

You are now independent. But in order to start practicing as a freelancer, you obviously need to find clients. Yes but how? You can consult our specialized online platform. On upwork, Fiverr, you complete your profile and receive direct offers from many clients.

5. Prefer an online platform

Rather than browsing entire hours on the Internet in search of customers, it is advisable to choose a specialized online platform. You save time and you also have a guarantee for the payment of your services. Indeed, upwork, Fiverr – for example – not only connects you with customers but also offers them a secure bank account in which the money you receive is placed in advance as a guarantee and is transferred to Your account once the work is done. This ensures the payment of your services.

6. Set an Affordable Rate

Ask about the rates offered by the market for the services you will offer. Do not propose to do a job for $ 1000 while other freelancers would do the same work for $ 500. You start your career as a freelancer, so first, create a customer list and a reputation with them. You can then increase your rates. The main thing is first to create your own network.

7. Be organized and ordered

You are now in charge of everything. From the realization of your mission in the search of customers to the setting of rates for your services. But in a company, it is also a matter of ensuring the organization and discipline of employees. Except in your case, you are the one and only employee. You need to set yourself goals and organize yourself accordingly. Keep your discipline. For example, organize your work hours relative to the deadline of the project to be realized and do not take advantage of any long received orders to do everything at the last minute. Always prioritize the work to be done and keep your discipline in order to perform well.

8. Advertise

Although basic, this point deserves to be recalled. You do not work alone because the Internet is your faithful companion. Advertise your services, find your clients, read the job description, contact the customer, warn him/her of the work, verify that the payment of your services has been done … All your steps will be taken at the ” Using the Internet. Make sure you are connected permanently (with your mobile, your laptop, etc.). So, if someone contacts you by email when you are not at home in front of your computer, you can still receive his message. Customers appreciate being contacted quickly.

Advice for a successful life as a self-employed person


An independent worker is an owner, contractor, and employee; It is the master of his decisions, his professional development, and his enterprise. In the US, the number of self-employed workers continues to increase; At first, the choice seems very easy; But today it is becoming increasingly difficult to find missions to achieve. If you want to get into self-employment and become financially independent, here are some tips to stand out from the competition and succeed in the field you choose.

Capacity to make a difference

Even though many are engaged in this field, not everyone is able to work independently. A job like any other, the person wishing to become a self-employed person must have solid knowledge and experience in his field, special qualities, energy and above all motivation. These are among the essential qualities for a successful life.

It should be pointed out that the freelance must alternate between missions and prosecutions, between work and personal life; Requiring good organizational skills. No one will be there to watch and demand accountability; So you need to set your framework and schedule.

If you work from home, you need to set up a place dedicated to your professional activity. You must also make special efforts to stand out, to be chosen from the multitude of experts that make up your industry’s competition. Easy to say what to do, to get there, take the time to prospect to find future customers and know how to do and spend some of your time to train you.

Self-confidence for better success

If there is one key element of your professional success, it is autonomy. With this autonomous mind, you can work from your own program to achieve your goals without the pressure of others. This is the spirit demanded a self-employed worker. This autonomy will help you control your life. The personal development is also involved to better manage tasks and to get by without much difficulty.

If you have confidence in yourself, in your success, you can take the initiative to create your own business and achieve financial freedom. If you succeed; The search to create your financial autonomy will bring you the feeling of controlling your existence again, the strength to get up every morning, feel independent, financially and mentally.

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