7 Highly Effective Daily Pinterest Habits For Business Pinners

June 15, 2015
As a business pinner, what are your objectives?

A good and solid strategy should always start with goals, so let me ask you, as a business pinner, ‘what are your objectives?’ to justify spending time on Pinterest?

What are you trying to accomplish? What to do gain from pinning?

Do your objectives include

  • Increased web traffic
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased Pinterest audience
  • Increased online audience

If so, you are on your way, all you need is

7 highly effective daily habits for business pinners. Get started today!

So…how do you get where you want to go?

By having a plan and being consistent! To get a plan, read, read, read and read! Ask questions, observe those who do it well.

There a so many successful pinners out there, many successful business pinners and because of them there have been plenty of articles written about Pinterest tactics and Pinterest business must-do’s and must-have’s.

Each business is unique and each business has a slightly different target audience, different objective and certainly a different style and brand

By being consistent and working on your account daily, you will make progress daily.

Do this by developing daily pinning habits!

If you were to ask several successful pinners, I am sure everyone has their very own ‘secret formula’ for pinning success. Someone might have great success with following huge numbers of accounts each day. Someone else might contribute their success to group boards. Someone else will say it’s the coaching they received, the online audience they had or the influence they used to gain followers.

For me, I’ve been on the tortoise’s path, not the hare’s.

Slow, steady progress with small growth spurts and small successes. My Pinterest business account is active, has a good size audience and continues to drive traffic to my website.

I have ‘7 Highly Effective Daily Pinterest Habits‘ and I am getting ready to share these with all of you business pinners.

Read. Learn. Analyze Apply. Repeat.

What are these ‘7 Highly Effective Daily Pinterest Habits for Business Pinners’?

7 highly effective daily pinterest habits for business pinners #infographic


Be consistent and set a daily, weekly and monthly goal. Measure your growth once a week and you’ll know if you are on the right track! Make sure to follow accounts of people and business who are in your target market, because many of them will follow you in return. There’s a neat feature on Pinterest (one that often gets missed) where you can find out who your followers are following and it’s a great way to find and follow some new pinners, especially if you are connected to those in your industry!

7 Highly Effective Daily Pinterest Habits for Business Pinners


Find pins you can ‘like’. ‘Liking a pin’ will trigger a notification to the owner of the pin and will get you noticed. It’s one way to ‘save’ pins you might want to repin at a later date. (another way to do that is to pin them to a secret board)


Select several pins every day to comment on. The comments do not have to be lengthy, but do have to add value to the pin. Again, this gets you noticed and will get you engagement.

I suggest you use your analytics to find out who’s pinned what pins from your website; then go and comment on those pins, thanking the pinner. It’s triggered many great conversations for me!


Eighty percent of pins are repins! That means many of the same pins get repinned, over and over. Introduce original content to Pinterest by pinning directly from websites. Don’t forget to include your own pins in those!


Repin several pins everyday. I like to decide what two to three boards to pin to that day and search for pins for those boards. Sometimes, I’ll repin something that pops up in my feed, just because it’s too good to pass up. I will also schedule repins with Tailwind, my Pinterest tool of choice!


Don’t underestimate the power of group boards. (I did, for a while.) Your Pinterest reach will increase, your pins will get noticed by a larger audience and if you own the board, it’s a great way to reach out and engage with fellow pinners!


Check your notifications daily. Check your analytics often, too. Find out what pins are being repinned; use Pinterest analytics, and what content is being pinned from your website. Do this by adding your website to pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite like this: https://www.pinterest.com/source/moreinmedia.com/. Keep an eye on which boards are getting the most views and repins for the week. Pin to those most popular boards!

Consistency is key!

As with all social media marketing, look at strategy (and planning) for Pinterest as you would training for a marathon. Set a goal. Build it up slowly. Create a plan to follow. Make healthy choices. Measure and celebrate small successes. Social media is not a sprint; training to get it right takes months, if not years. Social media consistency is important to building up an audience. ‘Training’ daily for a great end result is what is needed to succeed.

Social Media Marathon - Consistency is key!

And from experience I KNOW how rewarding it is to get results at the end of the long journey! Just look at my smile.

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