6 Ways You Can Increase Your YouTube Profits

— November 9, 2016

6 Ways You Can Increase Your YouTube Profits

When you think marketing, you probably picture billboards, television commercials and radio jingles. YouTube isn’t something that always comes to mind, but it can have a major impact on consumers and on your business’s bottom line. In fact, YouTube is every bit as powerful as other social media sites, if not more. The popular video-sharing site attracts more than 1 billion users each month, a number that mirrors Facebook’s monthly usage. It’s also growing at a much faster rate.

Harnessing the Power of Video

Approximately 6 billion hours of video are viewed every month on YouTube, making it a powerful tool to grow the profits of your small business. It’s free to use, easy to share, and gives you a unique edge over the competition. Here are the best ways to make YouTube work for your business.

1. Create an Account with a Memorable Name

The name should be relevant to your business, and the moniker must be something people can mention in casual conversation and share with friends. Don’t choose a name that’s difficult to pronounce or vulgar.

2. Regularly Publish Content

There are more than 48 hours of videos uploaded each minute to YouTube. To be competitive, keep putting your brand out there with current and timely content. Provide a consistent flow of videos that are interesting and useful. One way to achieve this is by offering product demonstrations. Publish a short clip for each item or service to encourage viewership. It can be difficult to maintain a good level of content, so don’t be afraid to opt for videos like staff interviews and behind-the-scenes looks.

3. Use Relevant Tags

Tagging is how your video shows up in search results. It’s vital to include proper tags to reach your target audience. In general, the more tags you use, the better.

4. Don’t Forget a CTA

Each video needs a CTA, or a call-to-action, that draws customers in. Many companies ask for YouTube subscriptions, Facebook likes, or interaction in the comment section of a video – all of which push for more involvement from the audience.

5. Customize that Channel

When a viewer clicks on your name, they are taken to your channel homepage. This page serves as your YouTube landing, just like Facebook or a separate website. By decorating this channel page, you keep people interested. You also have the opportunity to express yourself and your business.

6. Craft an Engaging Description

Sometimes people browse the description of a video before they decide to watch it. If your descriptions are entertaining and helpful, visitors are more likely to stay and watch multiple videos. It’s always a good idea to link your other pages (Facebook, website) so viewers can become customers.

It may seem a bit unconventional, but YouTube can be invaluable to entrepreneurs and small business owners who know how to successfully leverage the readily available online marketing tool. Don’t let 1 billion viewers get away from you – create an account and use these tips to build your online presence.

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