5 Ways to Make Your Business Appeal to Vacationers

— June 20, 2017

If someone from out of town was searching for your products and services, what would they see? Would they see information about your business? Or just information about your competitors?

Whether you live in a tourist destination or want to attract people driving through your area, here are five ways you can make your business appeal to vacationers.

Update Your Local Listings

One of the main ways non-locals may find your business is by searching through maps, review sites, or top search engines. If your business isn’t listed on Google My Business, Yelp, or other listings, you may be missing out on searchers. Make sure your local listings are updated with your business name, address, phone number, and website. You want to provide searchers with as much information as possible to entice them to visit your business or give you a call.

Show on Search Engines with PPC

One way to ensure you’re showing up on search engines is to run search advertising campaigns for your top keywords. If you’re already running pay per click, or PPC, you may want to find some seasonal terms to focus on that may bring in out-of-towners.

Make Sure Your Website is Visible (& Easy to Use) with SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you show up on top search engines searches relevant to your business. A good SEO strategy also includes optimizing your website and making it easier for users to navigate. Because vacationers will likely be searching on their mobile phones, a mobile-optimized website, which is a key component of an SEO strategy, is important for user experience.

Manage Your Online Reputation

If prospects aren’t familiar with the area and want to find a new business, they will likely look for reviews online. Make sure your business has recent, positive reviews on any review sites that might pop up when people are searching for your business.

Be Social

Have you noticed your Facebook friends asking for recommendations for certain business types in certain areas? And, have you noticed that when a friend recommends a business, they can link directly to that business’s Facebook page? Facebook recommendations is a new resource people are using to look for businesses while they’re out of town. In order to show up when someone recommends you, you want to have a Facebook business page and update it with your business information, photos, and regular content updates.

By making these updates to your web presence, you can make your business appeal to those visiting from out of town or prospects in your area.

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