5 Social Media Frustrations for SMBs

February 18, 2015

Social media seems really simple – you post something, people see it, you get results. But we’ve all been there – you thought that post was going to be eaten up like cupcakes, but instead you’re hearing crickets. Then you start to wonder, how is social media adding to your business? Why even bother?

Social media is a valuable business tool when it comes to retaining past clients and reaching new ones. What you post, where you post, why you post – that matters – and figuring that out is what gets real results.

Here are five of the most frustrating obstacles small businesses face when it comes to social media and how you can overcome them:

1. I can’t tell if social media is doing anything for my business.
Before you can put social media to work for your business, you need to set goals. Your goals should be broad statements that guide your online activities. They should also be statements that provide the ability to ask at any point, “Is this task helping me reach one of my goals?” If it is, then you know it’s something you should continue or do more often. If not, perhaps it’s time to move on to a new idea or strategy.

2. My goals are way too lofty. I’m going to fail at social media.
Long-term goals are like that beam of light coming out of the lighthouse to guide you – they are meant to be big, faraway statements. Breaking down those goals into concrete objectives is what makes social media manageable. Make sure your objectives are specific, actionable and measurable.

3. I have Facebook and Instagram accounts – why aren’t people finding me?
Social media lets you have conversations with your clients even when you’re not face-to-face, and more visual channels like Facebook and Instagram often deliver higher levels of engagement. If your clients aren’t finding you, perhaps they don’t know where or how. Emailing your clients to let them know how to find you on these platforms and having links to your accounts on your website are just two ways you can make sure your audience knows where to find you. Sure, some people are looking for you, but the easier you make it to connect, the better.

4. Social media takes up way too much time.
Social media provides a great platform to have on the fly conversations with new and existing customers, but that can seem time consuming when you have your own content that you also want to share. Taking the time upfront to create a content calendar and a to-do list will pay off in the long run. The more posts you can create and schedule in advance, the more time you will have to share the latest trends and participate in conversations with your followers.

5. I thought I had social media covered, but I keep hearing about LinkedIn. I don’t have time to add to my to-do list.
LinkedIn is great for both storing contacts and touting your professional accomplishments on your digital resume, but having yet another social media network to care about can seem daunting. The good news? You can put it to work as much or as little as you want. If you plan to use LinkedIn to promote yourself within your circle of industry peers, however, make sure you’re consistent. Plan to spend time with LinkedIn once or twice a week, as opposed to adding it to your daily list of to dos.

Social media provides countless opportunities to nurture existing customer relationships and attract new fans and followers of your company. Don’t get bogged down by frustrations. Keep your goals top of mind, break down each challenge into simple tasks and you’ll be able to make things happen in the social media world in no time.

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