How to Avoid Gambling on Unnecessary, Costly Website Iterations

  • January 20, 2016

    It can often be an overwhelming task looking for a web agency to work with on a brand new website or to refresh your existing one.

    Scenario 1 – Your boss wants a new website to go live next month

    Scenario 2 – You have been assigned a fixed budget for the design project before gathering quotes

    Both scenarios above are just a couple of reasons why website projects are doomed before they even get started. These scenarios explained further:

    Scenario 1 – Businesses should seek out web agencies that deliver high quality work to reputable brands. It is important to have a workflow in place before a project is started. The immediate concern with an agency unable to provide a roadmap, would be a quick turnaround without any thought around strategy or direction.

    Scenario 2 – How valuable is your website to your business? With investment, can it be more valuable and provide higher ROI from the conversions it generates? Agencies need to be contacted first to understand the cost range based on your project scope and delivery requirements.

    Without gathering agencies feedback on input, timescales and deliverables; it is near-on impossible to approach a web project with a fixed cost. Ballpark estimates are usually gathered after initial discussions around your brief.

    Helping you to budget for your business website

    If a business is unaware of how much budget to set aside for a web project, the car purchase scenario could be used to help you to understand the range you should be looking at:

    1. Local business with 5 members of staff. Limited regional audience. Requirement for a couple of web pages to clarify the offering with a simple booking form (i.e. independent local garage) – £3k-10k

    *Car options available include a Nissan Note or a Dacia Sandero 1.2 litre – low performance with 10 miles on the clock



    1. Business with national target audience. Approx. 50 members of staff. Requirement for a number of web pages, social media integration, blog, news and contact areas – £10k- £20k

    *Car options available include a 1.4 litre Vauxhall or an eco-friendly Ford Focus. These are starting to look sportier and more impressive.



    1. Business with International audience, multiple global locations. Multi-language site required with a range of services, social media integration, blog, news areas. Over 500 members of staff – £20k – £50k+

    *Car options available include a snazzy eye-catching Mercedez Benz underpinned by “reliable German engineering” ranging to the crème de la crème – a truly standout vehicle, the Porsche Macan.



    *Trade ads courtesy of AutoTrader as of 13.01.16. Design costs are broad estimates and undefined.

    Creating perspective between a car purchase and a new website

    If your business sees a new website as the platform to drive your brand, boost traffic, engagement and conversions, be very wary of paying for a second-hand vehicle under £10k. It may only serve you a couple of years and higher repair and maintenance costs may be incurred as a result. If looking for a brand new car, a Nissan Note may suit your needs; however it won’t deliver a unique proposition or serve to impress your passengers too much.

    It is quite a common occurrence for an individual to spend the typical market value of between £10k and £20k for a brand new car in one lump sum. Businesses with higher turnover should therefore be looking to invest a significant amount of resource into making their website a success. Most considerate agencies will try to work closely with you on costs; and to work out a costing plan with you, rather than to demand a full payment up front.

    Futureproof your website

    Evaluate whether paying such a low value for your website will reflect in a lower output delivered by an agency as a result. The answer is most likely going to be yes; meaning iterations will need to be made going forward to overcome technical faults, or to improve design or conversions. This may result in the whole process being more costly than if your business adopted a brand new site in the first instance.

    How much will your design agency invest in your business and the new website?

    In short; expertise, a clearly defined strategy, time, care and consideration all matter. Always look at an agency’s portfolio (case studies) as a measure of quality in design and output. Are the brands worked with recognisable and do the designs look impressive?

    Considering the above, what value do you place on your business and its success going forward?

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