5 Effective Social Media Steps For Blog Promotion

By  September 9th, 2016


Suppose you are a prolific blogger with extremely high-quality writing. Your posts truly shine and make you proud. And yet you get that feeling your blog is somehow underexposed, and you are not getting as much attention from online audiences as you deserve. Your blog could do better than that.

Under such circumstances, it’s smart to turn your attention in the direction of social media. Maybe you haven’t reached the full potential of exposing your content on social media?

When done properly, the benefits of social media promotion are many. This article offers some killer ways to boost your blog’s traffic by employing social media to reach out to larger audiences and pull them in.

1. Share Your Content Everywhere


This idea might seem quite obvious and not worth mentioning separately. However, there are several tips and catches that you may want to keep in mind while promoting your blog posts on social media. Here are some of them:

Personalize Your Posts

make your
media posts
as informal as
you want
You can make your social media posts as informal as you want; it is up to you to decide how informal. This can and must be exploited.

Paraphrase the title of the article, giving it a more down-to-earth style. You can explain how exactly this article is helpful

Pick a custom image for your post, not necessarily from the body of the original post. Perhaps something a bit edgy. This way, the post becomes more relatable to the readership, and it will appeal better to the readers. This, in turn, will encourage them to share your content more eagerly and expose it to a larger audience.

Go Beyond Your Own Profiles

Do a quick search and put together a list of communities in your niche. Chances are that their community members will find your posts useful and interesting. So, why not share your posts there as well?

Just don’t get carried away and become too aggressive about it. Act as if it’s a forum and you had some useful articles to share from your blog with people, answering their exact questions. This way, you present yourself in a good light, as an actual community member, and not just some mindless spammer. Nobody likes spammers.

2. Share Your Posts At A Regular Basis


Think of a consistent schedule to share your posts and stick to it. Most social media users have their feeds full at all times, so it is most likely that they will not wait patiently for your posts and instead just forget about you. Therefore, it makes no sense to say play dead for a week and then just dumping the articles that you have come up with during this week into your social media.

It can be a good idea to have the posts scheduled and published automatically. Most social media provide all the necessary tools for delayed posting.

The exact time for posting is also of the essence. Define your target audience on the social media and use tools like Facebook Insights to determine the times of day when they are most active online, and schedule your social media posts around those times. Remember that these times of activity may vary from one social media to another.

3. Interact With People


After all, this is what social media is originally intended for. Remember to look through the comments and answer as many of them as you can. If you cannot answer all of them, remember to apologize.

In fact, not all of your posts even need to have a link to a blog post attached to them. There are other objectives that you can achieve with your social media. For example, you can directly or indirectly ask your audience for feedback. Even a simple direct question, such as “What is the next topic we should cover on our blog?”, can spawn a lively discussion in the comments. Just don’t expect all your subscribers to burst into such a discussion or even bother to leave a comment.

Surveys with multiple choice are a good idea. This way, a person can make just a single click to pick an answer, and still contribute to the results of the discussion, feeling that his or her voice is heard, and the opinion is important.

As for the authors of the most valuable comments, remember to mention them in the next post which was inspired – to some extent – by their comments. This will make them feel appreciated and engaged, and their example will encourage more readership to share the valuable feedback.

4. Don’t Abandon Your Older Posts


There is absolutely no reason to stick to your fresh material only. Clearly, you have put quite some time and effort to put together all those earlier articles on your blog, so why dismiss them just because of their age?

Remember that if you are doing your social media promotion right, then your audience will grow. And newly joined subscribers have no knowledge of your older pieces. Why deprive them of that? Share those older posts again from time to time.

However, you do not want this repetition to be all too obvious to your older readership. It may get them disappointed and annoyed, ultimately resulting in them unsubscribing. So, don’t post your older stuff too often. And when you do – paraphrase the title in a fresher way. Picking a new thumbnail will also be a thoughtful thing to do.

5. Don’t Limit To Your Own Material


Remember that social media is about sharing and communicating. So, it is a good idea to contact other bloggers in your niche, correspond with them on a regular basis, and exchange ideas. Read their posts. The chances are that some of them have come up with something truly insightful and worthy of attention. In such case, don’t be shy to share such posts with your audience. This way, you will give them an extra sign that you are here to do some good not just to your business blog, but also to the audience.

Moreover, other bloggers will most likely also find some of your posts interesting and worth sharing. And by sharing your content with their subscribers, they will naturally have your blog exposed to a larger audience.


As you see, social media presents some extremely powerful tools to draw more audiences to your blog.

So, now you are aware of the hacks to promote your blog in the social media. They are not only effective, but they also leave a lot of opportunity to experiment. This adds fun to the process, regardless of whether you choose to employ one or all of them in your blog’s social media promotion campaign.

* Adapted images: Public Domain Dedication (CC0) Public Domain, pixabay.com via getstencil.com

About the Author:

The author’s name is Lori Wade. She is a tutor and a freelance/content writer who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. She has a degree in Journalism and is a frequent contributor to several publications and websites. If you are interested in writing, you can find her in social media.


5 Effective Social Media Steps For Blog Promotion

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