4 Tips to Set Your Company Apart

October 31, 2015

In today’s crowded small business environment, it may seem like it is harder than ever to stand out from the others in your field. Sure, gimmicks may help you gain short-term attention. However, at the end of the day, superior business practices are what will help set you apart from the competition. Here are four tips that will help you become the company to beat.

  1. Offer Added Value

Look at ways to enhance product or service a better value to your customers. This may not mean lowering the price. Could you add extras to a product to make it the clear choice?

If you have a digital product/service, have you considered an online extra like an eBook or member’s only section of the website? This is especially important if you are in a crowded field where dozens of companies exist with the same overreaching goals.

2. Stand Behind Your Product/Service

Offer a guarantee that’s unique, but make it more than just lip service. Make sure potential customers know that you do believe in what you offer by standing behind it. This makes an enormous difference in how customers perceive your brand.

3. Personalize Service/Product

No matter what your company offers, find a way to customize it for your clients. Are there additional colors, flavors or designs you can offer on a product?

If you are a service-based organization, can you provide your service for different “levels” or on a schedule that meets customer demand? Personalization is not always as difficult as it may seem, but makes you the more desirable choice.

4. Listen to Your Customers

Be there for your clients. Answer the phone, check in on social media and check your emails. While you may not ALWAYS be able to say “yes,” your clients will appreciate knowing there is a real person out there taking their suggestions to heart.

Just remember, these are more than just “quick tips”. These seemingly simple pieces of advice are ways that you can change your entire way of doing business to be more customer-focused.  At the same time, ideas like this are the key to making your business unique in today’s worldwide marketplace.

Standing out from the competition is harder than ever. These tips are an excellent way to make certain you do just that.

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