3-Step Linkedin Secret Sauce To Getting Booked As A Speaker

— November 11, 2016

3 step LinkedIn secret sauce to getting booked as a speaker


Having a successful LinkedIn profile does not happen overnight; I know because it has taken me years to achieve a 6-figure income from speaking opportunities coming directly from LinkedIn.

There is a process which can help you achieve more connections, leads and sales from LinkedIn as a speaker and I am going to share this with you today. If you want to take that next step, and become a real success as a speaker on LinkedIn then keep on reading for my secret “sauce” to winning business as a speaker.


The first part of your LinkedIn “sauce” may seem obvious, but you do need to build a niche network of targeted business connections. The reason I am telling you this is because of LinkedIn’s news feed algorithm.

Did you know that when you “like” a post on LinkedIn your network will be notified, and vice versa? I have over 22,000 connections all in different niche areas of business, which means that more of my connections will engage with me on LinkedIn because they are seeing their connections doing the same.

It’s simple really; the bigger the network you have, the more people will see your updates, and engage with you.

I do want to add that connecting with “anyone and everyone” will not work; only connect with people who you know or want to know professionally.


I will talk about LinkedIn Pulse as the next “sauce ingredient” but before then, I want to talk about posting updates. It can be very difficult to measure the type of content you should be sharing as an update.

If I have a new blog, I share this five times on Twitter and I do this to give me an idea of the type of content that gets engagement. The content I write is both suitable for Twitter and LinkedIn because it is educational, and informative. Knowing what works on Twitter helps me understand what I might get the most engagement from on LinkedIn.

It is a survival of the fittest and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Find out the topics that DO work inside of LinkedIn to reach a high amount of engagement.


LinkedIn Pulse has been, without a doubt the most successful LinkedIn feature for me, especially this year. I now have over 12,000 people following my LinkedIn Pulse and have had hundreds of thousands of views on my posts.

More than a million LinkedIn users have been posting on Pulse, with over 130,000 posts being published every week.

One of the best ways you can utilise Pulse is to get featured on their channel. To make this a possibility, use your keywords in the title of the blog, and in the content. You can also reach out to them on twitter via @LinkedInPulse and ask them to feature your content in a specific category.

This however, isn’t always enough. This is just one network. Utilise your other social networks with the link to read more being directed to your article on Pulse as a biggest factor when LinkedIn are featuring posts is based on traffic, and engagement in the first few hours of setting that content live.

These are the three key factors to my LinkedIn secret sauce. There is of course, a lot of basics like completing your profile, having a professional image and having recommendations and endorsements that contribute to winning business as a speaker.

Likes + Engagement + Content = A large LinkedIn network that drives sales.


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