2016 Social Media Marketing Resolutions

  • by Brian Zuercher January 26, 2016
    January 26, 2016

    How are you planning to grow your Instagram marketing in the new year?

    New Year’s resolutions are one of our favorite past times and traditions. It’s a bit of an ironic tradition in that so many continue to set themselves up for disappointment and frustration. We still come back to this tradition like we do many other traditions and in our own way take a weak swing at making changes.

    As a marketer, often the New Year provides the opportunity to create resolutions for new marketing tactics and strategy. The goal of ‘shedding some pounds’ or ‘getting healthier’, like many set for their personal lives, may apply in the marketing world too. The New Year can be a time of reflection on habits and traditions that have run their course and have good cause for change.

    Here are a few personal New Year’s resolutions and how they can apply to social media marketing:

    Shed a Few Pounds – Translation – Drop Old Marketing Traditions

    We often find ourselves repeating old habits without much thought of whether or not it’s the most effective way of doing the task. This can apply not only to our personal lives but also to our marketing efforts. As the New Year begins, take an inventory of all of the marketing initiatives you’re putting into place in order to test the effectiveness of each. Just because you’ve always deployed one tactic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best tactic for your brand. Don’t be afraid to experiment with or even to cut some marketing efforts to experiment with which are actually driving your business goals. Steven Levitt from Freakonomics applied this experimental methodology with one large retailer. In order for their marketing team to understand the effectiveness of their print ads, he recommended that they cut the print ads in 20 of their 40 U.S. markets. The suggestion came after an ‘unplanned experiment’ resulted in no ads being purchased in Pittsburgh for the brand with no impact on their sales revenue. We recommend learning more in their podcast to gain a deeper look into this experimental methodology and how it can help your own marketing team innovate.

    Learn a New Skill – Translation – Consider a New Tactic

    The marketing landscape is always evolving and updating. This requires marketers to constantly adapt to new and innovative ways of engaging their target consumers. Whether it’s new social networks or improvements to old marketing techniques, savvy social media marketers need to be aware of all the changing ways to connect with their audience. Consider new tactics to implement that can aide in this engagement. One popular tactic among marketers is leveraging influencers for their social media campaigns. These content creators are being tapped by top brands to help them expand the reach of their social media efforts and drive engagement with their target consumers. Starting any new tactic like this can seem intimidating, though. So if you decide to implement influencers for your next campaign, we recommend working with an influencer marketing partner like Snapfluence to discover, activate and manage the top influencers for your next social marketing campaign. When evaluating any tactic to implement, understand where your audience is so that you can determine the tactic that will best engage them.

    Spend More Time with Family – Translation – Listen to Your Customers

    As you implement your new resolutions, remember what matters most. It’s no secret in the world of social connectivity that brands must have a have a two-way dialogue with their customers. Make sure you are listening to customer feedback to the changes you implement. You may discover that they love what you’re doing or learn about the parts of your former approach that they would like to see return.

    Think about the resolutions you should be making for your social media marketing and how you plan to stick to them in 2016.

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