13 WordPress Conversion Testing Plugins

By  September 28th, 2016


“Most websites don’t have a massive traffic problem; however, every website in the world has a conversion problem.” – Bryan Eisenberg

These wise words convey a strong message — all of us should care about conversion optimization. And there are so many tools out there that make it simple to test and optimize website elements, bloggers, marketers and businesses really have no excuse.

Here are 13 WordPress plugins you can use to start conversion testing today.

1. Nelio A/B Testing


Nelio A/B testing allows you to test just about any element of your site, including pages, posts, products, custom types, headlines, widgets, themes, menus, and more.

This is a great tool for ecommerce sites, because you can test your product descriptions, and it’s compatible with WooCommerce. Combine that with their Heatmaps feature, and you’ve got just about all the conversion tracking tools you need.

Cost: Starting at $29/month

2. Simple Page Tester


If your biggest fear is editing code, then Simple Page Tester is the conversion testing plugin for you.

The plugin makes it as easy as possible to run A/B split tests in WordPress with just 3 simple steps:

1. Navigate to the edit screen of the page you want to split test

2. Click “Setup Split Test” and edit your variation

3. Click “Declare Winner”

Sign up for the Premium version to get advanced insights.

Cost: Free.

3. OptinMonsterclip_image006

OptinMonster is designed to help you grow your email list — you can build your own optin forms and integrate easily with every major email marketing service.

With behavior tracking, page-level targeting and personalization features, OptinMoster is a powerful conversion tracking tool. It also makes it easy to A/B split test all elements of your optin forms, including content, headlines, layouts, styles, and opt-in triggers.


Cost: Starting at $49/month.

4. Title Experiments Free


If you want to run A/B tests on your page titles but don’t have the time or desire to actually do it yourself, this plugin’s for you.

Title Experiments automatically tests different variations of your post titles, serving each of them randomly to your viewers. Over time, the plugin will identify the best performing titles and display those only — you don’t have to do anything to end up with the optimum title.

Cost: Free.

5. WordPress Popup – Optin Revolution


Optin Revolution helps you grow your subscriber list with unblockable WordPress popups.

You’re only allowed to create one popup for free, so it’s essentially a paid service. But the Pro version offers a lot of cool features, like:

  • A/B/C/D/E optin popup split testing
  • A/B/C inline optin split testing
  • Conversion tracking

You also have complete artistic freedom with every element of your popups.

Cost: $97/year.

6. WordPress Calls to Action


This plugin not only helps you create effective calls to action, it also offers A/B or multivariate split tests. You can also easily track conversion rates for further optimization.

Create your own CTA, or start with their library of custom designs. clip_image016

Cost: Free.

7. Marketing Optimizer for WordPress


This plugin has a lot of features for conversion optimization, but focuses on landing pages for A/B testing.

With the plugin’s “Add a Variation” tab in WordPress, you can easily create changes to your headlines, site layout, images, button types and more, which can streamline testing.

It will also rotate landing page variations to narrow down the ones with the best conversion rates.

Cost: Starting at $149/month.

8. WordPress Landing Pages


WordPress Landing Pages will help you create and easily edit landing pages, including your own custom design. It also has a lot of great conversion tracking features.


You can monitor lead activity, track conversion rates, and run A/B split tests for optimization.

Landing Pages makes it easy to clone your current pages, so making and testing minor changes are a breeze.

Cost: Free

9. Landing Pages Builder by Wishpond


Use this plugin to create Landing Pages, Popups and Forms with a simple drag ‘n’ drop builder. You can get set up to A/B split test your creations, and take advantage of real time reports of their performance:


The plugin also gives you access to Wishpond’s Lead Activity Tracker, to monitor the attributes and behavior of each of your leads.

Cost: Free (up to 200 leads).

10. Unbounce Landing Pages


Unbounce offers a full suite of marketing solutions, and their Landing Pages plugin allows you to easily integrate and track the effectiveness of your pages in WordPress.

You build your landing pages on Unbounce using all their advanced features, then launch them on your site.

The service has built in A/B testing features, collecting real-time data to see which versions lead to the most conversions.

Cost: Starting at $49/month.

11. A/B Press Optimizer


A/B Press Optimzer will help you test any page element on any WordPress theme. You can schedule unlimited experiments with unlimited variations, and even run the same experiment across multiple pages.

The real interesting feature of this plugin is real time experiment tracking — you can see how your pages are performing with customers currently visiting your site:clip_image032

Cost: Starts at $49/year.

12. Better Google Analytics


Better Google Analytics makes it easy to add Google Analytics code to your website, unlocking all the features it has to offer right in your WordPress admin area.

That means you’ll get access to all Google Analytics features, including Content Experiments, an advanced tool for A/B testing site elements:


Cost: Free.

13. Marketizator clip_image038

Marketizator offers all sorts of conversion optimization services, including audience surveys, personalization, segmentation, and A/B testing.

You can A/B test any page on your site, and include multiple test pages in an experiment. Schedule your experiments for specific days and hours, and see advanced reporting for each experiment variation.

Here are the features included in the free version:


Cost: Free.

Know of a plugin I forgot? Tell me in the comments!


* Adapted lead image:  Public Domain, pixabay.com via getstencil.com


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