10 Texting Tips and How to Avoid SMS Howlers

June 18, 2016

SMS marketing is recruitments best friend, and for very good reason. Not only can SMS save recruitment agencies money, but also recruiters time – and if that wasn’t enough, candidates prefer to be contacted by SMS.

When candidates are on the hunt for a new job, it can be a little tricky if the candidate is in an existing job, emails are not immediate points of contact and phone calls are too risky – so SMS fills that void nicely.

When a recruiter receives a role, they might have 400 contacts that they know could fill the job – so what to do next?

  1. Send them all one bulk email?
  2. Give them all a call?
  3. Send them all one bulk text?

Option 1 is free and, granted, wouldn’t take too much time either so again another tick for this option. However you can’t exactly email a candidate a job role on their existing work email can you? I am really not sure the candidate would appreciate that. Emailing their personal email? These things can or need to move quickly, how often will someone at work check their personal emails in a busy working day?

My bet is not often enough, and with the never-ending barrage of spam, sales and marketing emails we all receive – your email will be easily missed.

Option 2 – the personal touch – is nice and you can get an immediate response – tick. Again, however, there are issues, time, and money.

The time it would take to sit down and call that many candidates and the cost of the calls are big negatives. Then add in that some of those candidates will be sat in work at their existing job, and really will not appreciate speaking about their possible interest in a new job opportunity, over the phone in front of their current work colleagues.

Option 3 – now this option is here to save the day, it’s quick, convenient and cost effective.

By sending all your candidates a simple text message about the role and asking them to give you a call or even just reply to the text at their convenience if interested – is a big win win for everyone involved.

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Subject: 10 texting tips and how to avoid SMS howlers
Date: Thursday 30th June
Time: 10am UK time

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