10 QR Codes Facts That Will Give You The Chills

QR Codes have become an integral part of how we communicate, sell, and interact with some of our favorite brands offline. These little bits of black and white code can transport customers in an instant to their favorite food, drinks, menus, events, and more with just a few taps on your smart device. The ease of QR Codes make it simple for customers to scan it with their smartphone which allows transactions to be contactless. QR Codes became popular during the pandemic because it made it possible for businesses to open up and still keep their employees and customers safe. While QR Codes have multiple uses for businesses and brands, they are more than a random series of code on an inanimate object.

Here are 10 QR Code facts that are sure to give you the chills as we celebrate this spooky season.

1. The 90s brought the QR Code to life

These scannable tools were created by Denso Wave who is a global automotive components manufacturer from Japan in 1994. They were originally created to track vehicles during the manufacturing process and their individual parts. Since then Japan has been the largest user of QR Codes with the United States coming in a close second.

2. QR Codes go online to offline as a real physical link

If links could take a physical form, they would be a QR Code. Instead of typing in a web address with alot of characters and numbers they just scan the QR Code using their phone and are instantly transported to a landing page. It’s simple, fast, and can be done by anyone in the world regardless of the size or direction of the QR Code.

3. QR codes are affordable

There are plenty of other tools that allow users to access digital content while in the real world, but they aren’t as convenient or simple as QR Codes. QR Codes are more reliable, cost-effective, and often have different variations like a static or dynamic QR Code option. The price can be determined by the subscription plan you choose which may offer different QR Code features like customization, color, and more.

4. You can build your branded assets with customizable QR codes

In the world of business, nothing is more important than building brand recognition. Whether it’s a signature color palette, logo, or slogan, branding your marketing assets is important for visibility and building your customer base. The great news is that QR Codes can be customized to include your logo, various color options, frames, and more to make it more distinguishable. With Bitly’s basic plan you receive a QR Code with our branded Bitly “b” but when you upgrade you can customize your code with other distinguishing features.

5. QR codes can be linked to custom-made mobile pages

We’ve discussed how QR Codes can link to a landing page but you can also create exclusive content for QR users that’s for mobile use only. Creating mobile only pages allows you to entice customers with specialized content like coupons, discounts, and more! Mobile only pages can also be customized with text, images, and video for a unique user experience,

6. Any files can be downloaded in an instant using a QR Code

There are so many file types to choose from whether it’s a document, image, video clip, etc. The versatility of QR Codes makes sharing and downloading files relatively easy once you upload your chosen file to a QR Code. Most QR Codes can handle file sizes from 3MB to 5MB depending on the type of QR manager you use.

7. Analytics come to life with every QR Codes scan

Digital marketers love data. From analytics to metrics, numbers are what help us do our job more efficiently. QR Codes are not just handy for helping lead customers to a web page, they can track campaigns, geographic data, time scanned, and the type of smartphone people are using. Each piece of trackable data can be used to measure campaign success and be accessed via your Bitly dashboard.

8. QR Codes can be downloaded as vector image files

QR Codes can be placed virtually anywhere whether it’s on a flyer or table at a restaurant. When you decide to place a QR Code image on a billboard, the quality of the QR Code must be maintained in order for it to be readable. Most QR Code generators will allow you to download the code as a JPG or PNG file in addition to vector images like a PDF, EPS, SVG.

9. Modern technology incorporate QR Code readers and scanners into the devices

Whether you have a smartphone or an iPad, most mobile devices come equipped with a preinstalled QR code reader/scanner. But if you happen to have a device that does not, it’s okay, these applications are easy to find and download. Check out your app store, read the reviews, and always check that it is a safe and secure download before installing it on your mobile device.

10. QR Codes don’t belong to a specific niche or industry, they are everywhere

You may be wondering how popular or well known QR codes are and in fact they are used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Facebook Messenger, Fandango, and Nintendo are just a few examples of businesses who have incorporated QR Codes into their marketing. While they may use QR Codes in different ways, the fact that they are used at all is a testament to their power.

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