What is the Perfect Tweet?

— April 23, 2017

Twitter Advertising

With 6,000 tweets sent every second, there are lots of different types of tweets around. If you are starting a conversation from a business Twitter account, there are a number of different elements which get you closer and closer to the perfect tweet:

Snappy Headline: It needs to be quick, eye-catching and enticing enough for the reader to perform the call to action that you are asking them to perform. Not an easy brief, but there are some great examples out there.

Image: Images and gifs are a great way of getting your tweet to stand out. They can paint a thousand words, handy when you are limited to 140 characters. Also, adding an image or a gif will not use up any of your precious characters, so there is nothing stopping you.

Link: If your tweet is going to include a link to a website, you should make sure that it is clear where you are sending them. Using URL shortening can make a URL look more attractive (particularly if it has a number of tags added to it), but it is not always obvious to which site you are sending people.

Call to Action: You should include what you want the reader to do next in your tweet – is it to visit a website, share the tweet, reply?

Hashtag: I almost didn’t include this element! Hashtags are a great way of piggy backing onto popular search queries from other Twitter users, or specific terms that your audience are searching for. For that reason, if you are going to start your own, you need to be very influential or have enough money to share your message through paid distribution. And make sure you only pick one hashtag per tweet!

Part of a Plan: The best tweets are always the ones which have been well planned or at least thought through and definitely contribute towards a wider content plan. This ensures that the timing, frequency, imagery and everything else is all aligned.

It Works: Every tweet deserves to be measured. The only way to tell if you have achieved the perfect tweet is whether your audience think you have and that answer can only be found in analytics. Getting into the habit of regularly checking your numbers will definitely help.

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Author: Justin Wilson

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