What Is the Difference Between an Assessment and a Quiz?

One of the most common questions we receive from B2B Marketers is how do interactive assessments vary from quizzes? Quizzes play an entirely different role in the marketing & sales funnel than assessments. Quizzes do an excellent job capturing the top of the funnel leads, while assessments are designed to identify prospects with strong buying intent, which is the lower part of the marketing funnel. To summarize, a quiz gets a prospect in the door and an assessment gets them to buy. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is A Marketing Quiz?

A quiz is typically a small form with 4 or 5 questions designed to entice leads to engage. The questions take just a few seconds to answer, are general in nature, can be completed by a wide range of people (ex. students to executives), and tend to be fun and entertaining (Remember, engagement is the goal!).

A quiz is often filled out in exchange for content such as a tip list or mini eBook. The benefit for the marketer is the lead’s email address and basic quiz answers. This is a low value exchange, which is appropriate for the top of the funnel. These leads are not yet ready to be sent to the sales team.

What Is An Interactive Assessment?

An interactive assessment is designed to give prospects in-depth insights, analysis, and recommendations into their business after answering 10-20 questions. This is a high value exchange as prospects share more in exchange for personalized insights into their business. Prospects that complete an assessment are typically senior executives that have a problem they are actively looking to solve and are exploring if your solution can help. Marketing benefits by identifying a high quality prospect with buying intent that is passed directly to sales. The sales team benefits by receiving a grade A lead with insights into their business challenges (account intelligence) captured in the assessment results. Sales executives can now tailor their outreach and discussions to focus on the prospect’s top challenges to provide the most value, which creates more opportunities and higher win rates!

Can I Use Both A Quiz And An Interactive Assessment?

Yes, since marketing quizzes and assessments are designed for different purposes you can use both in your marketing efforts. Remember to keep your quizzes engaging and your assessments valuable and rich with insights.

How can I experience an interactive assessment?

We invite you to complete the 9Lenses Marketing Funnel assessment, to see how well your funnel is converting leads into customers. This will give you valuable insights into your marketing capabilities while allowing you to experience an interactive assessment. After completing the assessment you will immediately be emailed your personalized scorecard.

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