Wait…Why Are We Talking About Our Feelings Now?

by Alexi Lambert May 11, 2016
May 11, 2016

Marketing To Your Prospect's Emotions

This is not the type of blog article that I usually write, but it is just as important for successful marketing, sales, B2B relationships, B2C relationships, leadership, and alignment in your company. Want to see growth and success in your company? Let’s talk about our feelings (including yours).

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, marketing managers, CMO’s, VP of sales and business development directors are all pushing for more leads, more conversions, more SEO, more social media, more content, more website design, more calls, more emails, more, more, more. We do this to increase our sales to help drive success for our company.

How many times a day do you sit back and wonder, “what is keeping my customers awake at night?” I mean really, truly think about it. As in, “wow, what is going to happen to John if he doesn’t make his numbers by the end of this quarter? Is he doing okay? Or is he stressed out of his mind?”

Are you doing everything in your power to help him get there? Do you care as much as your advertisements say you do? Do you really personally care?

No matter if you are the CEO of a major corporation or the project manager of a small business, everyone’s decisions are driven by emotion. They can be positive or negative. But it’s a feeling nonetheless.

Fear of failure; excitement for reaching your goals; uneasiness with the variance in your company’s finances; stress from the inefficiencies of the CRM you can’t manage to get under control; feeling unappreciated by your company; anxious to give the proposal of your career; honored to be given a recognition award.

I can go on, but you get the idea. Because somewhere in that list, the skin on the back of your neck might have spiked just a little from how well you could relate.

But really, what does this have to do with you, right now, running to your next meeting or trying to get through emails?

Because the people who you want to have buying your products or services are also experiencing the same emotions. They are also rushing to their next meeting and trying to finish their emails.

So think about this. What can you give them that will make their lives better? Instead of what can they do for you to get your numbers up?

Dr. T.P. Chia said, “We all live at the mercy of our emotions. It influences and shapes our desires, thoughts and behaviors and destiny.”

Well Geez. That’s kind of hard to ignore.


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