Use These 4 Tools For Budding New Entrepreneurs

Use These 4 Tools For Budding New Entrepreneurs

Today I have some tools to help new entrepreneurs get off to a great start with their new venture in 2020.

Starting a small business can be a challenging transition if you are coming out of the corporate world. By using the right resources you can get a leg up and start attracting more interested clients and investors. There are several ways to make your venture more successful, even if you have little to no budget. Are you looking to become an entrepreneur in the new year? Take advantage of these tools, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Prospecting on auto pilot – Detective by Charlie

When you are just starting out it may not be possible to hire a personal assistant or sales representative. Detective by Charlie can help you keep track of your important meetings and make announcements to the attendees. This smart tool will pull information from content sources like LinkedIn and Twitter and provide insights to those you are connecting with. Use this simple software to help your business build better relationships and close deals faster.

Use These 4 Tools For Budding New Entrepreneurs

2) Follow up with potential clients – Yesware

Would you like better communication with your leads with great support? Yesware provides powerful analytics, and templates that help you and/or your team to create targeted emails to your potential clients. Easily collaborate with other team members, and find out who is clicking on and opening your messages and attachments. You can even place a call right from your inbox.

Use These 4 Tools For Budding New Entrepreneurs

3) Discover what your customers are searching for to buy – Product Hunt

Find out on the latest and most popular products in your niche. Product Hunt features an easy to access platform that allows you to see the most recent trends. The website is frequently updated, and includes its own radio news program on the latest in tech, media, and more.

Use These 4 Tools For Budding New Entrepreneurs

4) Get all your apps in one place – IFTTT

If you are managing separate apps for your business this free tool will put them all from one platform. IFTTT is a way to combine, organize and schedule your productivity on one device. Share to all of your social networks at the same time as well as perform administrative tasks like personalizing your voice assistant or even accepting a delivery. The software is available on computers and also on iOS and Google Play.

Use These 4 Tools For Budding New Entrepreneurs

Hopefully you will find these tools for entrepreneurs useful to building your new business. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these tips and tools.

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