Top 5 Pins: Coachella Survival Tips

  • April 11, 2015

    With the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival taking place this weekend we are reminded of all the exciting reasons to attend a music festival. Not only will you have the chance to see your favorite musical artists, but you will be exposed to tons of new musical talent too! Coachella is a thrilling weekend filled with music, art installations, a Ferris wheel, beer gardens, food tents, and much more. The Coachella Valley Music Festival takes place in palm desert, which makes for a serene backdrop at sunset. With the beauty and chaos of a great music festival, we are bringing you our Top 5 tips and must-have items to survive three days at Coachella!

    1. Bring Chic Layers

    Due to the festival’s location, concert goers will be exposed to super hot sun rays during the day and cooler, windy nights. Bring layers to stay ahead of the drastic changes of desert temperatures! Kimonos are a must-have item when jackets can be too heavy to carry around during the day in the desert. Kimonos are easy to stuff into your backpack with plenty of space for water bottles throughout the day, and they provide enough coverage to keep you warm during the final acts of the night.

    2. DIY Facial Mist

    Survive three days in the desert heat by staying hydrated inside and out. Cool down with lots of water and a calming facial spray! Perfect a refreshing facial mist with a few essential oils and water. Soothe your skin under the desert sun with this simple DIY.

    3. Plan Ahead

    Spotty cell phone service is something we have come to expect when we go to a festival with thousands of people. If you are planning to meet up with your friends we suggest you set a designated meeting spot. You are likely to receive texts hours later, so plan ahead! Note what time and location (art installation, ferris wheel, food tent) you will be meeting at. You do not have to live under the stage tents all weekend. Plan to meet friends at an art installation to take in the art as well as the music!

    4. Water Bottle Holder

    With super hot temperatures throughout the day the best way to survive the weekend is by staying extra hydrated! You cannot bring any liquids through the festival gates, but you can bring an empty water bottle to refill at free water filling stations. Survive Coachella by constructing a DIY water bottle holder! This way you can hold your bottle hands-free while you dance at your favorite stage.

    5. Second Day Hair

    Three day camping festivals are no joke and when the possibility of your next shower is as good a guess as the next surprise artist, we suggest you go to Coachella well stocked with supplies to maintain gorgeous locks all weekend long. Keep dry shampoo on hand and put second day hair in a stylish braid. If a shower is not in your future for day three, hopefully your braid has produced some pretty sweet curls and you can hide oily strands with a flower crown.

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