Top 10 Weirdest Items Sold On eBay

  • June 26, 2015

    EBay is known as the largest online marketplace and millions of people from all over the world use it to get rid of unnecessary things around the house or make a decent living as online retailers. While many rely on offering useful items people will most definitely need, there are some that carry on some of the weirdest auctions ever taking part in the internet. Here are my top 10 weirdest items ever sold on eBay:

    The Internet

    I was thinking really hard with which particularly weird auction to start with, but I think the one offering The Internet is a good start – why start a website, when you can buy out the entire place for just 1 million starting price. Imagine – you can own Google and Facebook or do you?

    Ghost in a Jar

    Having a ghost is definitely not everyone is looking for, but for those who do – eBay has it in stock. For just around $ 55 000 you can have your own, private ghost in a jar. Fortunately, the winner of this auction had some kind of breakthrough and didn’t paid for the item!

    Grilled Cheese Sandwich with the Face of Virgin Mary

    While the first few items can seem incredibly weird to most people, grilled cheese with the face of Virgin Mary kind of blows them away. Sold for the staggering $ 28 000, the grilled cheese sandwich is said to have magical powers and was left untouched by mold for more than a decade!

    Forehead Advertising

    What are the best marketing channels for your bran? Local newspapers, the internet, the traditional media, but how about a forehead? Forehead advertising helped young woman from Utah to collect the staggering $ 10 000 and left her with tattoo of an online casino website on her forehead for the rest of her life.

    Human Liver

    Reaching the amazing $ 5.7 million, a human liver was auctioned on eBay. Despite the auction was taken down by the website’s staff almost immediately, it certainly deserves its spot in my list with top 10 weirdest items ever sold there.

    The Life of Ian Usher

    Ever wanted to live like someone else? The life of Ian Usher is definitely not something you see on the online auctions regularly. A guy named Ian Usher decided to put all his possessions, friends, home and even job for sale on eBay. He wanted to start fresh and he managed to achieve it, when he sold his life for $ 300 000.

    The Meaning of Life

    The meaning of life can be determined much easily than you think – in the year 2000 a man from North Carolina discovered it and managed to share it with one lucky bidder for around 3 bucks. Pretty cheap for the meaning of life, isn’t it?


    Buying a virgin from the other end of the world is not something most of us will happily consider, but recently a woman from Brazil manage to sell her virginity for the staggering $ 750 000 to a Japanese buyer and also helped fuel even more similar auctions taking place all over the world!

    Haunted Doll

    Want something creative for your kid’s birthday? A haunted doll will definitely hit the spot – one was recently sold for approximately 150$ . The owner included in the item description pretty shocking facts about the deeds done by the haunted doll.

    New Wife

    What will you do if you find out that your wife is cheating on you? Simply sell her on eBay! Few years ago a man from Britain tried to sell his wife and manage to reach the staggering 750 000 Pounds before the auction was removed!

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