The Subscription Box Craze Is Great For Your Business

July 31, 2015

Innovations in shipping and logistics have made millions of products readily available for consumers. With one click of the mouse, someone from thousands of miles away can box and ship anything from a nail to a boat. Buyers can track the item from every point on its journey from packaging to delivery. So when a box arrives at the doorstep it’s not much of a surprise.

Enter the subscription box service.

Aiming to bring back the delight and surprise that used to comes from a package in the mail, subscription box services are innovating by thinking by providing niche products to well-targeted consumers.  Your subscription box service gets to know you and then tailors the contents of your subscription box to meet your needs.  It’s almost like magic.

Products range from to the practical, such as the shaving equipment from Dollar Shave Club to the silly, like the belly dancing box from Belly Crate. Some companies, like the silly tissue box design from Los Angeles-based Blowze, have found a way to combine both. Subscription boxes also provide a way for consumers to try out new products, such as a color of eyeshadow they wouldn’t normally buy from Birchbox.

Whether the product is something strange or a necessity, subscription box companies have found a way to make a big brown box much more interesting than they were in the past.

Each month, consumers won’t know exactly what’s in the box, but are reassured not matter what arrives in the mail, it will match up with their interests.

Are you intrigued by what’s in the box? Blowze created this infographic to unwrap the leaders and innovations in the subscription box games. Like what you read? Leave a comment below. Don’t forget to hit the social media share buttons and tell your friends about what you see.

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