The Opposite Side of the Interview Table

  • January 16, 2016

    The Opposite Side of the Job Interview Table

    Tips to Consider when considering a new Job/Employer

    Recently a received a call from a former client, he wanted to discuss the potential of considering another opportunity. During the conversation it occurred to me that I have spent hundreds of hours writing a book: Recruiting High Performance Sales Teams and coaching hundreds of people on how to build an internal sales interviewing process, but I had never considered the situation from the candidate’s perspective.

    I decided to begin creating a check list of questions that anyone in the middle of a job interview should consider before accepting a new job offer. They are not in a particular order, but I suggested to my client to rate each question on a scale of 1-5, 5=High. If you have other thoughts, please add them in the comment section.

    My goal is simple, I have seen many great people take the wrong opportunity, to really succeed both the employer and the employee must be in alignment both from a job skill perspective and an emotional basis. This check list is designed to ensure the interviewee does the due diligence that is necessary for success.

    BTW: my client declined to pursue the new opportunity.

    • What is their business strategy?
    • Why do they win in a sales environment?
    • How strong/sophisticated is their marketing?
    • How does the management team make decisions?
    • Has the existing management team had success in the past?
    • What happened to the last person? Why did they fail? Or Leave?
    • Do they fit my culture? What is the attitude of the middle management team?
    • What kinds of reporting do they have? How close do they manage their business?
    • What seems to be the capability of the existing sales team?
    • Do I have the necessary experience to do the job? Do I know what already needs to be done to fix the issue?
    • How well does the President communicate one on one or in a group?
    • What is the cash flow situation?
    • What kind of market are they in? Growth? Turnaround? Limited?
    • What niche do they have in the market?
    • What kind of player are they in the market? Dominate? Minor?
    • Are they a leader in technology?
    • What is their end game? Sell out? Buy others? Are M & A opportunities brewing?
    • What kinds of support could I expect?
    • What kinds of turnover have they had in this job? Or other jobs that are important in the company?
    • What is the ownership? Public, Private, Private Equity, ESOP?
    • What is their revenue trend the past 3 years?
    • Profitable?
    • Who does the position report to (title)?
    • How long has that person been with the company?
    • Will that person help me develop my skills and career?
    • What is the risk to my career if this opportunity does not work out?
    • What is the percentage of probability of success?
    • Are they a quality company?
    • Do they really want me?
    • What makes them unique? Do I feel a passion for their business?

    What did I miss? Any new issues to consider?

    All the best in 2016!

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