The 34 Twitter Experts You Should Follow On Twitter

  • by Robert Brady January 12th, 2015 

    Robert Brady

    Robert Brady is the head PPC wizard at Righteous Marketing, a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Microsoft adExcellence Member. He manages PPC accounts for both small and large businesses and offers a PPC training program for the DIYer.

    Righteous Marketing

    Twitter is a fabulous platform to stay current on certain topics in less time. Experts are effectively curating the best content by what information they choose to tweet, retweet, and favorite. In that spirit of giving, here are 34 of the top PPC experts you should be following on Twitter.

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    Brad Geddes – @bgtheory


    Probably the best person in the world when it comes to Adwords. Speaks at conferences all over the world, runs Google’s official AdWords 301 trainings, and has some cool training & tools through and .

    Melissa Mackey – @Mel66


    She calls herself PPC Moses because she’s been in the industry so long, and the wisdom is there to prove it. Great tips, very accessible & prone to occasional rants (which I love.).

    John Lee – @John_A_Lee


    Full disclosure, he’s my boss, but that doesn’t make him any less awesome. A regular at PPC conferences and on many popular internet marketing blogs, he’s been in the game a long time and knows A LOT.

    Perry Marshall – @PerryMarshall


    The guy wrote a book about AdWords and he’s an expert on email marketing and copywriting as well. Get on one of his email lists while you’re at it and experience email marketing done right.

    Elizabeth Marsten – @ebkendo


    This lady is smart. Like scary smart. When she talks PPC, you should listen because her nuggets of wisdom are truly valuable. Bonus points for being a Trekkie.

    John Gagnon – @jmgagnon


    Dude’s the evangelist for BingAds. Enough said. (But if that isn’t enough, he is also really smart, really personable, and has salon quality hair.)

    Lisa Sanner – @LisaSanner


    She’s the quarterback of the PPC team at Point It and that’s saying a lot. Knows her PPC in and out.

    Matt Umbro – @Matt_Umbro


    You can’t leave off the founder of PPCChat. He keeps the Twitter community (hashtag #ppcchat) going with a weekly chat on topics from all corners of PPC.

    Lisa Raehsler – @lisarocksSEM


    This lady speaks all over the country and writes for several prominent blogs. Oh, and she founded Big Click Co.

    Marty Weintraub – @martyweintraub


    The mad genius of Facebook Ads especially, but just an amazing mind (if you can keep up!)

    Aaron Levy – @bigalittlea


    Smart, funny, and his Twitter profile pic shows him wearing an apron. That’s confidence and definitely worth a follow.

    Larry Kim – @LarryKim


    The big kahuna at Wordstream and a marketing genius. He’s also super active on Google+ if you’re into that kind of thing.

    Frederick Vallaeys – @siliconvallaeys


    The former evangelist for AdWords. Enough said. Really.

    Jeff Allen – @JeffAllenUT


    El Presidente of Hanapin Marketing which means he’s involved in PPC Hero, HeroConf and tons of other PPC goodness.

    Matt Van Wagner – @mvanwagner


    Living proof that having a few gray hairs doesn’t mean you can’t be in the PPC industry. And if you’ve ever met the guy you know he’s as up-to-date on pop culture and trends as anyone, which is why his sharp wit is so amazing.

    Jennifer Slegg – @jenstar


    The leading expert on Google AdSense, Google’s contextual advertising program. Think of her as the expert of the publishers of your PPC ads.

    David Rodnitzky – @rodnitzky


    Grew a tremendously successful PPC business on a shoe string budget. Built that out in 2013 to a full service search engine marketing campaign. [Ed.: he doesn’t like bad coffee — that’s good]

    Michelle Morehouse – @michellemsem


    Clickz author. Owner of True PPC expert with industry recognized expertise in online lead generation.*

    *does her crosswords in pen. Pen!

    Kevin Lee – @Kevin_Lee_QED


    Nicknamed “the godfather of SEM” due to his extensively long experience in the field. Co-founder of SEMPO. Author of the acclaimed Paid Search Strategies columns at Clickz.

    Susan Wenograd – @SusanEDub


    PPC industry conferences speaker. “OCD about PPC”, as she puts it herself. Handles accounts from one thousand to 1.1 million+.

    Joe Kerschbaum – @JoeKerschbaum


    Co-author of PPC: An Hour A Day in Wiley/Sybex’s online marketing An Hour A Day series. Writes PPC columns in many online publications. Industry conferences speaker.

    Katy Tonkin – @katytonkin


    Helps manage PPC campaigns in more than 50 countries in 25 languages at the tune of 15 million+ media per year. Named one of the Top 25 Influential Women in PPC.

    Chris Haleua – @chrishaleua


    Product manager for Adobe Media Optimizer; unified ad management. Paid search marketer, SMX PPC speaker. Self-proclaimed Excel geek.

    Amy Bishop – @Hoffman8


    Rock solid PPC productivity and efficiency advise. Senior manager. True PPC specialist.

    Mel Carson – @MelCarson


    US brand ambassador for Majestic SEO. Ex Microsoft Digital Evangelist.

    David Szetela – @Szetela


    Host of the industry recognized PPC Rockstars weekly radio show. Co-author of the Wiley/Sybex book PPC Advertising on One Hour a Day. Named as one of the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts in 2014.

    Heather Cooan – @HeatherCooan


    Self-proclaimed ad geek. Paid Advertising Manager at Infusionsoft. SMX speaker.

    Rick Galan – @RickGalan


    SMX speaker. PPC specialist. Lives for PPC and his family.

    Crystal O’Neill – @CrystalA



    Ran the PPC division at SEER Interactive before being made President of the company by Wil Reynolds. PPC guru.

    Paul Kragthorpe – @PaulKragthorpe


    Webmaster and developer of PPC Chat. PPC knowledge through managing US-wide campaigns in multiple industries.

    Justin Freid – @Justin_Freid


    Named one of the most influential PPC experts. Search Engine Watch columnist.

    Julie F Bacchini – @NeptuneMoon


    SMX speaker. Founder & President of Neptune Moon LLC. Influential PPC expert.

    Megan Leap – @MeganLeap


    Industry conferences speaker. Peer recognized PPC specialist. CRO-driven.

    Greg Finn – @gregfinn


    SMX speaker. Contributing editor at Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. PPC aficionado.

    User Submissions

    We asked if we missed anyone — here are some of those :

    Christi Olson – @ChristiJOlson


    Self-proclaimed SEM geek. SMX, Pubcon, StateOfSearch speaker. Known to share solid information. Big on PPC efficiency and automation.

    Bryant Garvin – @BryantGarvin


    PPC trainer. Strong focus on PPC account audits. Experience with multi-million dollar PPC campaigns handling  1million+ keywords.

    James Svoboda – @Realicity


    Passionate for PPC since 1999. Frequent host for PPCchat. Sits on the advisory board for the acclaimed WhichTestWon. Founder and CEO of MnSearch.

    Who Else?

    There are way more awesome PPC tweeters out there. Give a shout out to your favorites in the comments below!


    The 34 Twitter Experts You Should Follow On Twitter

    Written by Robert Brady, Righteous Marketing

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