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Spring Lake, New Jersey (PRWEB) December 18, 2013 has recently posted a “U.S. Savings Bond Milestone” page on its website, The company is providing a chronological order of important events surrounding the iconic American investment over a 78 year period. The Milestones page can be found under the Information Center on the companys website.


Savings bond owners and others interested in the financial investment will now have access to a list of savings bond milestones that have occurred since 1935. Information and dates such as when a new series of bond was offered, or discontinued, possible changes of interest rate posting frequencies, maturity and timing issues are indicated. There is also some historically significant trivia associated with the savings bonds program as well.


We receive lots of inquiries from bond owners wondering which series bonds are available for purchase and which ones have been discontinued, indicates Marketing Director, Jackie Brahney. Over the years many bond owners may have acquired different series of bonds. The Milestones document will be a really helpful reference guide.


The U.S. Treasury Department has introduced several different series of U.S. Savings Bonds, starting with the Series A Bond in 1935. When a new series of bond was issued, it was assigned with a new letter (or letters) of the alphabet. Each series had different rules, rates and regulations depending on when the bond was purchased. The Treasury even nicknamed certain bonds, such as War Bonds to reflect current events, and more importantly, to help promote bond sales. Today, only Series EE and I U.S. Savings Bonds are available for purchase electronically.


With the elimination of the savings bond marketing offices in 1998, bond owners no longer had quick and easy access to updated bond information via their local bank employees, or through their companies sponsored payroll savings plan representatives. At one point over 40,000 companies offered the Payroll Savings Plan Program to their employees. Today, most bond owners have to resort to the internet to obtain bond information.


Although the internet is chock full of savings bond information, felt it would be beneficial to post the savings bond milestones list on their site. They are essentially providing just the facts, dates and important events that many bond owners want to know, but dont want to waste time searching through numerous pages online to learn.


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