Microsoft Advertising Editor Now Supports Price Extensions

Microsoft Advertising Editor Now Supports Price Extensions

by  @lauriesullivan, June 19, 2019

Microsoft now allows marketers to manage Price Extensions in Microsoft Advertising Editor. It means marketers can manage the extensions in bulk.

Price Extensions, a pay-per-click extension that displays products or services, launched a little more than a year ago. The extensions displays in search results, along with their corresponding prices, to those conducting a search.

Marketers can access Price Extensions through their Shared library. Marketers need to provide details on the header, description, and price — including currency–to create the extension.  After creating the extension, marketers can associate them to one or more ad groups in the campaign. Choose Price Extension Dialog to link the Price Extension with an ad group under Campaigns.

The Price Extensions can link to the brand’s website or a preferred third-party marketplace like Amazon.

Subha Hari, senior program manager and editor at Microsoft, also included some tips in a blog post. She wrote that the prices used must be visible on the landing page, and clicks will be charged the same way as a cost per click and clicks on the ad headline.

The Price Extensions also can link to preferred third-party retailers or marketplaces like Amazon, and serve on all devices linking with other ad extensions like Sitelink Extensions. She did write that description can’t be duplicated in the header. For example, the keywords “Women’s haircut” cannot be used in both the header and the description. Search Marketing Daily


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