Make a Great Career Move: Quit Your Job

April 21, 2015

Right now, you’re staring out the office window thinking about what it would be like if you ran the place. Or, you’re spending every boring moment of your work day searching for resources on how to get rich quick and stick it to the man. Maybe you’re struggling to build your side hustle so you can finally control your own income, but your progress is stalled; your job is in your way.

It might be time to quit your job and start a business.

I talk to dozens of people every week who tell me basically the same story: they have a business idea they’re passionate about, but they spend all their time thinking about launching it instead of actually launching it, because:

  • They’re afraid their boss will find out
  • They fear the business might fail
  • They don’t know how much money they need to start
  • They’re scared to say goodbye to a regular cheque so they can focus on their business

Any of these sound familiar?

They all resonate with me. I had all those fears and emotions five years ago.

It got to the point where I just could not imagine staying employed in the long term. I tried to think five years ahead and asked myself: “Is this where I want to be? Still waiting and hoping for the right time to create the life I really want?”

There Might Not Be a Right Time

Most often, it takes at least a few months to start earning a fair income from your own business. If you realistically think you could get through the hard times for a little while – without risking the health or safety of your family and loved ones, or yourself – then it might be time.

If you know you have a clear solution for a problem you can easily define, and you know exactly who is suffering the problems you know you can solve – then it might be time.

If you spend more hours thinking about being an entrepreneur than actually focusing on and enjoying your job – then it might be time.

The perfect time, unfortunately, will never come. It’s about deciding at what moment you’re just going to jump.

For me, quitting my job was the best career move I ever made. It forced me to figure a lot of things out really quickly – what to charge for my services, what online tools to use, how to create a marketing and sales funnel – things that I wouldn’t prioritize before, because I was always focused on earning more in my job.

I kept looking for a higher pay check, instead of writing my own.

I honestly don’t know if I would have ever launched Renegade Planner if I had tried to do it while still working.

Of course, handing in a resignation today isn’t the right move for everyone. But for some, change happens only when you stick your back up against the wall. Because when “making it work” is the only option, a true entrepreneur can emerge.

Are you one of them?

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