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April 18, 2016

In a world where time is of the essence, businesses have only a few seconds to pitch their product or service. Even though it may not be done consummately, but the highlights of the message must be delivered.


A fantastic new and innovative design known as “infographics” has captured the imagination of creative marketing experts. Unlike the goal and the task at hand, the idea is rather simple. It is what the name implies. Information is graphically represented in a very soothing way. This is done by the use of colors, changing fonts and crisp, bite-sized pieces of information.
The visually appealing representation grabs the attention of the viewer and entices him or her to read on. Though the content is minimal, it is written articulately to convince the viewer of its validity.

Behind all the artiness is a thoroughly researched marketing strategy and broad based technicality. Scientifically, it is proven that a person’s craving for any form of visually strong information arises from the human brain’s penchant for the more visually appealing graphic information rather than textual information.

Statistically, it is seen that the rate of retention of all visual cited information is in the excess of 65%. It is over 55% more receptive, when compared to textual content. Also, unlike any other source of information it would be difficult to draw parallels.

This is because it is oftentimes recognized by experts as being set to grow exponentially. In fact by sometime this year it is expected to surpass the one billion mark. Around the same time the global worldwide traffic is all set to exceed one annually.

Note: 1 trillion gigabytes = 1 zettabyte.

That is a lot of information each second. This is especially true when you are seated before a computer or a hand held smartphone device. The device may in fact be a boon for you. You should you have the option to see more visually appealing information.

In addition to this, there are over a billion websites online and this too is increasing. Clearly, this is where the problem lies. How can marketers globally change the perception about selling online and through digital media in general? How can someone be different?

This is where the infographics are of great help. You can use them as a tool against your competitors. Starting with a strong focus on back links is the key. Create very high quality relevant back links. Exchange traffic with other sites and also other platforms. It is a form of cross-promotional engagement where both the parties are mutually beneficial to each other.
Popular search engines are stricter now than ever about the quality of the link. This is true now more than before.

There are some points worth considering before you consider the general contents and the layout:

1.Topic Selection: This defines the broad content to be covered. The more popular reads will be more interesting than those which are simply dull repetitions of what people may have already read.

2.Visual Appeal: This is the key factor for product or service differentiation, which must be pursued with the creative geniuses in your team. The look, colors, fonts, styles, punctuation and above all the relevant background all come together to buy you another few seconds of the viewers’ attention. A graphics professional is essential at this stage. You need to hire only the best and consider the lines of creativity for you to progress. The visual appeal should be more in terms of the coloration and about the optimal use of space being used.

3.Additional Resource: The information must not be stereotypical facts, which circulate in social media, but must be fresh and something new for the viewer. This would encourage them to read on and even talk about it. To define this objectively, it is important for you to understand your own business first. This would give you the benefit of understanding what makes your business unique.

4.Viewer aided Promotion: The viewer should have the option to share it on various social media platforms with the simple click of a button. The option should extend to the entire infographic and allow the user to possibly add a line of comment or two. This allows you to encourage your viewers to share what you have put out there. The concept is that the viewer is enticed to like your promo so much that they wish they could show it to others, including friends and family. This however does not mean that the viewer is your customer or that he or she likes your product or service but it merely means that the viewer likes what he sees. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn among others should be lined up to encourage the viewer to conveniently click and share.

5.A Numbers Game: Your chances of being read and shared increases with the number of likes, comments and shares. This is how the space works. In terms of visual appeal, there is clearly no sidereal, which can be drawn close to for comparison. Associate your message through catchy numbers. The information pitched must not simply be a bunch of words that are subjective in meaning. It must be objective and very relevant. All the data that you are quoting must be from an up to date source. This source should be stated using an asterisk or other ways that are convenient. The ratios of fonts and their variations must not be kept static. They should be kept as vivid as possible to create an indeliberate impression on the mind of the viewer.

6.The SEO Link: Infographics is a complementary function to the functions of an SEO firm. The information is a gateway for traffic that can then be re-directed to your website. This traffic works on the infographic’s leverage. The basic appeal from the side of the SEO firm is to get a click. This redirected traffic is an instant step further for a bigger promotion opportunity. It is not only for the one service mentioned on the infographic but also for a plethora of other services and products that you may offer.

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