How Your Business Could Save Money By Upgrading Your Phones [Infographic]

December 6, 2015

Imagine this: You’re the CEO of a successful company, but you’ve hit a midlife crisis and decide that the world is far too fast paced and you will no longer use any technology that wasn’t available in 1985.  One day later, you wake up and reach for your phone to find out what time it is, but there’s no digital screen displaying the time or date.  You remember all you have is a landline still strapped to the wall and attached to the receiver with a curly cord.  You can’t check your email or look at the latest news except in paper form.  You need to call someone, but realize you don’t have their number memorized and neither does the phone.  You get up in a daze and somehow manage to ready yourself for work.  You’re somewhat stunned again by the lack of technology in your 1985 Honda.  There’s no GPS or iPod port.  You don’t even have a CD player.    

You get to the office and your secretary is typing away on the typewriter you demanded she now use.  She tells you you have five meetings today and all of them are in places you’re unfamiliar with.  Suddenly, you find yourself needing to rely on and understand phone books and paper maps, which you haven’t done in 20 years.  There’s a computer in your office but it’s functions are very simple and it isn’t helping your dilemma.  You’d like to send an email to your first appointment to tell them you’ll be late, but that’s not an option.

After just a few days your business is starting to suffer as clients become angry with your lack of efficient communication and suddenly poor service.  

Maybe this would never really happen, yet it is just an exaggerated version of what really does happen when businesses stick to their old, expensive, inefficient phone systems.   If you’re not upgrading to a VoIP service, you’re stuck in a bygone era and it’s time to break free!

Check out the infographic below to find out why a VoIP service is your Delorean back to the future.

MarketSurvey_Infographic 550px

Infographic courtesy of Edgewater Networks

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