How To Market Your Products On Pinterest

October 27, 2015

So in our last blog post, we discussed some tips on how to use Snapchat as a part of your digital marketing plan.

Going along that same line, we wanted to discuss another new digital marketing tool, and that’s Pinterest. Yes, I know, Pinterest isn’t exactly “new”, but when compared to the traditional social media marketing platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Pinterest is viewed as a newer social media tool, especially in digital marketing.

So here’s a few tips how to use Pinterest for your digital marketing plan.

1. Always Do This First

It’s kind of obvious, but there’s plenty of sites out there that don’t include a “pin it” button. If you plan on being active and having a presence on Pinterest, you need to make it easy for others to pin things they find on your site. Simply add a “pin it” button to allow people to quickly pin things and move on.

2. Put Your Popular Products to the Front

People love photos, and that’s exactly what Pinterest is, which is showcasing high-quality, eye-catching photos. So what better way to showcase some of your best-selling products. Now of course this will only work if your products are eye appealing. I wouldn’t recommend this strategy if you’re selling plungers, not that plungers can’t be marketed. It’s just a photo of a plunger popping up on Pinterest might not catch people’s attention.

3. Leave a Trail of Bread Crumbs

This takes a little prepping, but you can generate leads using Pinterest. Simply start by creating a landing page. Keep in mind you’ll want strong content with a some type of download form for a white paper, ebook, or whatever other source you want to use. Create a strong image for this landing page. Then pin this image with a short caption to your Pinterest boards and link it back to your landing page. Presto, you’ve got yourself a lead generator!

4. Use Rich Pins

There’s often times that you have products that have a lot of information to go along with them, and a simple pin just isn’t going to handle all that info. This is where Rich Pins come into play. Rich pins have more information. For example, instead of just a photo, you can now include information such as the price of the product and a link directly to that specific product page. You can also include your logo on rich pins, which will entice people viewing your pins.

So as you can see, Pinterest isn’t simply a board where people go get new ideas and swipe for hours without taking an action. Pinterest can drive traffic, conversions and increase sales. So set up an account, follow these simple steps and get pinning!

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