How To Make Your Landing Page A Rockstar

October 2, 2015

Driving targeted visitors to a website has never been easy. It takes weeks to get your website ranked in some popular terms or to get your brand some kind of exposure in the social media front. Yeah, I know you have been working your tails off to drive visitors with the hope that they will get converted somehow. But God knows why the number of enquiries from your top landing pages is few and far between.   This is a common problem faced by almost all website owners. Though there is no straightforward answer, here we are going to give you some tips that can help you transform your landing page into a money making machine:

Is Your landing page sending Conflicting Message?

This could be the reason that your landing page is not making any progress on the conversion front. If your headline says – “Best web solutions at affordable rates” and your body copy and portfolio features SEO services, it is surely going to confuse your visitors. This can happen when you are promoting your website in Google Adwords. Your ad copy may read like this – “Red Rose for A Perfect occasion” and by mistake, you might have set the following URL as landing page – So, quite expectedly you are not going to see a single visitor getting converted from this ad copy.

Consider Headline As a part of your landing page design

‘Welcome to Our Website’ – this is the most pathetic and annoying headline that I have to encourage even in this 20th century. How come you are going to make your visitors stick to your website and get them converted finally if the headline of the page sounds appallingly ordinary and uninteresting?  I know most designers fail to see the point here. Ok, tell me one thing, which things you see first when you get to see the newspaper in the morning. I hope it is the headlines unless you get easily distracted by the pictures. So, I know now you can see the importance of headlines and that simply means that you need to do something to make the headline looks catchy and for that reason, you need to hire a professional.

Trust Signal – A factor that you should not rule out:

Just because someone has landed on your website does not mean that he is going to buy your products. You need to give him some solid reasons as to why they should give preference over your competitors otherwise you will find it really hard to get them converted. The best way to win their favor and trust is by focusing on the trust factor on your website. You have to make them believe that your business model is a legitimate one. This is particularly true for ecommerce website. Since there are hundreds of ecommerce plugins available right now that can convert a simple website into an ecommerce sites in a matter of few minutes, the importance of making the website look trustworthy has increased a lot. Following are the few ways that you can give a try to make your business model appear trustworthy to your targeted audience:

  • 3rd party Certification: You need to feature logo or certificate of security from Better Business Bureau, VeriSign and their likes. This will give your visitors peace of mind that your business has some kind of affiliation with these large organizations.
  • Press release: Here I am not talking about those poorly written press releases. I am referring real press releases like when news about your company gets featured on a leading newspaper. You need to feature links of those press releases prominently in your website.
  • Social mentions: The higher the number of your newsletter subscribers, the greater the chances of seeing higher conversion rate. You can feature number of fans of your facebook page’s or twitter followers given the fact that the number is impressive.
  • Testimonials: Great testimonials are perfect ingredients of success. Having said that you need to feature testimonials in the landing page but make sure that these testimonials are real and not the usual faceless and cooked up reviews written by some overseas writers.

Call To Action:

You simply cannot think of a landing page without the all-important Call to Action button. People tends to ignore the obvious fact that just having a Call to Action button is not enough, they have to work to make it prominent and compelling so that visitors are drawn onto it.

Clueless as to how to make the Call to Action cool and powerful, here is how:

Make it clear:

You should not use vague words in the CTA buttons like ‘Click here’ [no apparent reason why I should click here] or ‘More Info’. These are too vague. Rather you should use active verbs like – ‘Download’, ‘Subscribe’, ‘Buy’ etc. These texts are definite in nature and the targeted audience will have clear idea of the outcome of the actions. So, there will be less hesitation and all that.

Do not Make the Page Overcrowded:

I have seen people using too many Call to Actions and other glossy designing elements and eventually, make the visitors feel confused as to where to click on the page. Every landing page should have a single Call to Action otherwise the purpose of designing a landing page goes wasted.

Quality of the Images and Video:

Use of videos in landing pages is becoming quite popular among marketers and designers. But poor quality video, just like ordinary images can adversely affect your marketing initiative. Since these will be things that people are going to view first, you need to make sure that you are not making any kind of sacrifice on the quality front.

So, these are few things that you need to consider while designing and marketing your landing page if you are to see considerable improvement in the conversion front.

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