How to Gain a Larger Twitter Following and Keep It Growing

  • by Jessica Davis January 29, 2016
    January 29, 2016

    If you are starting to get frustrated about not having a good list of followers on Twitter, it is probably because you might not be using the right strategy. Growing followers on Twitter takes time, and you will have to be patient, but once you start doing it right, you won’t have to look back again.

    Twitter provides endless networking opportunities, and with the right approach you can be well on your way to to seeing a significant improvement in your list of followers. But don’t get tempted into buying followers – in the long run, the followers you buy will not be very useful in improving engagement. Remember, only your real followers will engage with you on Twitter. The followers you buy will just be inactive or fake accounts.

    Here are a few tips to help you get a large following on Twitter, without having to adopt any of the “unethical” ways.

    1. Use hashtags in your tweets

    Using hashtags on Twitter allows your posts to become easily discoverable and can also help in increasing followers if used the right way. It’s important to use hashtags sparingly since you have to work with the 140-character limit on Twitter. Try to stick with just one or two hashtags for each tweet, or your posts can end up looking very spammy.

    With Twitter’s search feature, you can search for hashtags that are popular and trending. If you find one that is relevant to your business, or your tweet, make sure to use it. Retweet other users who are using the same hashtag as you. You can also create your own hashtags to promote an upcoming event or campaign. Keep a lookout for trending tags and when you spot one that is relevant to your business/brand, send out tweets using the tag.

    2. Share valuable content

    Twitter is a great platform for audience engagement and discussions. Take advantage of the platform and share content that will spark conversations. Make sure you have a good content marketing strategy in place. High quality content attracts more attention and can really get your audience flocking to your Twitter page. Yes, it can be a little difficult creating content from scratch, but with some awesome content curation tools out there, publishing valuable content should never be a problem. You can share relevant content from other sources or re-share content from your followers on Twitter.

    Here are some content curation tools that can help you curate content for Twitter:

    • DrumUp: It is a nifty, content discovery tool that scours the web for relevant content using the keywords that you enter into the tool. DrumUp also allows you to create custom posts and modify the content before scheduling it out to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It also lets you set posts on a repeat schedule and gives you hashtag recommendations for each post.

      DU New

    • Storify: This application can help you find breaking news, and other news related to live events and campaigns on social media. Storify lets you edit the stories, personalize them, and then publish the story to your social media pages.

    Storify Screenshot

    • It allows you to discover content through its search functions. Once you find content that you can share, it lets you publish it to your social media pages. also allows your followers to stay updated with the blogs that you publish and share their comments on them. Screenshot
    3. Remember the 80/20 rule

    The number one reason why people would follow you on Twitter is because you publish valuable content that is interesting and informative. While you make use of content discovery tools to gather content for publishing, remember the 80/20 rule as well.

    As per the rule, 80 percent of the content you publish should be informative, and the remaining 20 percent can be promotional in nature. If you are wondering where 80 percent of the content should come from – here is your answer.

    You can follow specific blogs that are maintained by the influencers in your industry, or identify top-notch content creators from among your followers. Publish a variety of content including textual content, quotes, images, and videos to hold your followers’ interest.

    4. Find influencers and engage with them

    Influencer engagement can work wonders for your social media marketing strategy. Influencers are people from your industry who have a lot of clout on social media. They generally post very informative content which appeals to their audiences.

    To leverage influencer marketing, you will need to search for the right influencers and contact them via Twitter posts, or email. You can mention influencers in your posts, and get them engaged in a conversation with you. Thought leaders from your industry are more likely to share your content or endorse your brand if they know that the content you provide is valuable to their audience as well.

    When influencers share your content on Twitter, it can instantly get you more exposure. If you are unsure about how to find the right influencers, refer to the Who To Follow list on Twitter. The list is a really helpful resource.

    When engaging with influencers, or anyone on Twitter for that matter, remember to be polite. If your brand gets mentioned by an influencer, do an @mention post and thank them for it. You can also retweet the post to your network.

    5. Promote your Twitter account and page

    Promoting your Twitter page is just as important as keeping it alive with a lot of activity. There is little use of being active on Twitter, if your audience doesn’t have a clue as to who you are, or what your brand is about. To avoid this from happening, be sure to promote your Twitter handle and page wherever you can.

    You can add a link to your Twitter page on your website or blog, and encourage visitors to drop by your Twitter page as well. Cross-promote all your social media accounts to get more people to visit your social media pages. Ensure that your Twitter page looks welcoming and that your bio is complete.

    Choose an appropriate cover photo and profile photo for your account – your pets don’t count! Lastly, put your Twitter handle on your business cards, and any marketing collaterals that you create. If you are creating great content, your audience will always be looking for ways to get in touch with you!

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