How Facebook Will Make You Famous

  • — January 18, 2017

    I’ve spoken in front of thousands and get quoted regularly in the mainstream press. Posting and boosting Facebook video has been my secret to getting invited to speak, because it makes you look influential.

    But not just any video will do. And you have to post many, many videos to eventually find a winner. Here’s an example of a loser (not the person, but the video performance):

    I look at the average watch time. If it’s over 15 seconds, I have a winner. In this case, 5 seconds is pretty bad. So maybe it’s the dark background of the initial thumbnail (you can choose one of 10 suggested items or pick your own).

    I like to put $ 5 per video post to get some traction, since organically, I won’t get enough reach. Plus, using ads allows me to select the particular audience.

    For example, here’s what a winner looks like:

    57 seconds average view time! We might get that one in every 50 posts, so don’t despair if you’re getting a bunch of 6-10 second average views.

    And because it’s an interview with Tai Lopez, we targeted fans of Tai Lopez. High relevancy creates high edgerank (Facebook’s algo for what shows up in the newsfeed based on engagement rate, relevancy, negative feedback, and other factors).

    So I put $ 5 against it to start. Then when it started to take off, I put another $ 10, then another $ 20, and so forth. Now the video is up to over 100,000 views and it’s driven my buddy almost 6 figures worth of speaking and consulting.

    You will think you have a winner, but you’ll be wrong– that’s why you have to test.

    I thought this was going to be one of our best videos, since the content is so good:

    6 second average view time–people just didn’t stick around. So let the data tell you what’s a winner and you’ll let Facebook do the work for you. If it’s over 15 seconds, continue to add a few dollars.

    By the way, if you’re not sure about how boosting Facebook video works, you are afraid of wasting a lot of money, or have had lousy performance in the past, then check out the “dollar a day” tactic explained in the Digital Marketer podcast.

    In terms of how to create amazing videos, that’s a separate topic. I find that videos that are conversational (that don’t look like commercials), perform best. Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream, has spent over a billion dollars (not a typo) on ads. He and I discuss how to create killer videos here:

    Anyway, I hope you get out there and start making some videos to get yourself some exposure. Make sure that you’re posting these regularly on Facebook, just like you would on SnapChat, YouTube, or wherever.

    And let me know how your boosting works! This technique has made a lot of people famous and I’d like to see you get seen by the right folks.

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