Euroswap EDEX: Last TokenSale phase before listing – team announces the list of exchanges

The next round of the PreSale phase for EuroSwap EDEX will be the final round before the project’s first listing on a major exchange. At the launch of the Trading Season phase for EDEX token, the exchange will launch the Traders Competition event, Coinmarketcap will add EDEX to the list of tracked projects, and the European media is already preparing to discuss the main crypto event of Spring 2022. We should expect that all these factors will trigger a chain reaction of Euroswap popularity and the price of this token will fly to Europe (Jupiter’s satellite) in the first days.

Everything brilliant is simple

The major digital products of the last decade prove that all genius lies in simplicity. The Euroswap EDEX project is on par with these brilliantly simple products. How to reach millions of EU citizens and at the same time increase the popularity of the new financial phenomenon Web3.0? You just had to come up with Euroswap EDEX.

While the crypto-economy is already considered something commonplace in the world, only about 12% of Europeans have dealt with cryptocurrencies. EDEX will allow the vast majority of European citizens to easily own cryptocurrency and just as easily sell crypto assets for real money. Remember how long it took us to get used to shopping online? Euroswap will accustom Europeans to the digital economy even faster.

It’s Europe’s first decentralized crypto-to-euro and vice versa exchanger. This year, EDEX will connect VISA-type fiat gateways to its own DEX, making it easier to buy and sell cryptocurrency than things online. After the implementation of this technology, Europeans will definitely get ahead of the world statistics, because already in 2024, crypto will become an everyday tool for more than 300 million people in the Eurozone – that’s about 45% of Europeans.

At this point, Euroswap EDEX is becoming one of the most promising investment instruments in Europe. The project already brings its investors up to 152% APY of guaranteed passive income. In addition, the developers have already announced a listing on a major world exchange this month. Immediately after the listing, EDEX shares/tokens will enter the full trading phase. This means that in addition to Staking, investors will get additional organic growth in the price of the EDEX asset.

Spring 2022’s Most Promising Investment

EDEX technology is really unique and in demand in Europe. This confirms the increased interest from Europeans even at the initial asset allocation stage of Euroswap. The first investors are already preparing to capture more than 1,200% returns at the time of listing.

Once EDEX is added to the exchange, demand will exceed supply many times over. Because more than 75% of Euroswap’s early investors have already added their assets to Early Staking up to 152% APY, which means they have frozen assets for a year.

The third reason is the exchange itself, which will list the EDEX token. From official Euroswap sources, the EDEX team is now selecting the one most suitable exchange. The other day, the developers announced that from a list of several dozen exchanges, they selected a short list of the most promising venues for EDEX token trading. This list includes, HitBTC and KuCoin. All of these exchanges have a trust rating above 90%, and each of them has a daily turnover of at least $ 5,000,000,000.

Looking at each of these exchanges individually, there are a few highlights. is the flagship for new coin listings. A convenient mobile app and simplified verification will make it easier for our investors to master EDEX tokens on this exchange.

HitBTC is a pioneer among exchanges, founded in 2013 and since then has not been noticed in any unpleasant incidents. The exchange is focused on European users, in particular Estonia, France and Germany, but is also available to users from all over the world. Here you can trade and withdraw fiat funds.

KuCoin is one of the most functional exchanges in this category, which will be an advantage for professional traders. The ability to customize the control panel and alerts according to your trading goals and strategies.

Listing of such a large asset as Euroswap EDEX will be one of the biggest financial events of this month. After all, this process is accompanied by huge marketing flashes – the project will appear in front of millions of investors in the prestigious media and especially on Coinmarketcap.

Prior to listing on the exchange, EDEX tokens are distributed to investors on Euroswap’s official website. The current price of EDEX token is 0.1508 BUSD (0.14 EUR) Euroswap assets can be purchased via Metamask and TrustWallet wallets or via 24/7 support in Telegram. This is the last opportunity to buy EDEX at a low price, because after the listing, traders will immediately raise the price – the demand will many times exceed the supply.

EDEX’s accomplishments before the big listing

Throughout the formation stage and the period of attracting initial investment, the EDEX project regularly demonstrated to investors the income tools and security guarantees. From day one, the developers showed the project’s MVP to the community – it was a fully functional Swap exchange for the BUSD/EDEX pair.

In January 2022, the EDEX project opened up the opportunity for its investors to profit by Early Staking up to 152% APY even before listing on the exchange. Unlike most crypto projects, Euroswap did not give an ultimatum to block tokens. Every investor had an open choice: add assets to Staking or keep them for trading. So far, more than 75% of EDEX holders have added their assets to Staking for a year.

In early 2022, the Euroswap team commissioned an independent audit of the project from Certik, the most prestigious company in the industry. The EDEX developers also published all the results of the audit and the auditors’ comments in the public domain. In addition, the team constantly publishes the project’s progress on GitHub.

The next step after the listing on the centralized exchange will be the launch of another passive income tool – Euroswap will launch a full-fledged Farming for holders of EDEX tokens. Accordingly, this means that the project will appear on one of the Decentralized Exchanges like PancakeSwap or UniSwap.

Follow the development of Euroswap EDEX project on the official pages on Telegram & Twitter.

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