Design Tools for Non Designers

  • — January 16, 2017

    I am not a designer by trade, but being in the online marketing business, design tasks and opportunities find their way to my desk often. For small design tasks it may not be critical to bog down the design team, but rather find ways to complete them yourself. A few of the following tools are some of the best ways I have found to complete said tasks.


    Canva – A great online tool for easily creating professional looking designed social posts, blog headers, infographics, and more. With ready made templates, Canva makes design easy for everyone, with or without a good design eye.

    BeFunky – This program is very similar to Canva. Prepare to get rid of confusing design software, BeFunky makes it simple and straightforward to make banners, cards, infographics, flyers, and more!

    Snappa – Another program similar to both Canva and BeFunky is Snappa. This software provides templates with exact measurements for items like social posts, blog headers, and more. Customize templates until they are just how you want them. For access to limited templates and 5 downloads a month, Snappa is free. Purchase a monthly subscription to Snappa to unlock unlimited features.

    Piktochart – With piktochart creating an infographic is really simple. Grab a template, make it unique, add your data, and you’ve got yourself an infographic.

    Word Swag – In a hurry and need to create a nice looking social post from your phone? Add typography to your pictures with just a few simple taps by using the phone app Word Swag (IOS & Android).

    PicMonkey – Make cards, invitations, word quotes, picture quotes, and more with the plug and play software PicMonkey.


    Recite – Create fancy quotes super quick and super easy with Recite. Recite does not allow for any tweaking or editing of a template so it really is as simple as; fill in a quote, pick a template, and you are finished.

    Wordle – Create your own word clouds by simply typing in all the words you want included.


    Font Combinations (by canva) – Not sure which fonts go best together? Canva has a page that will tell you! Start with a font you know you want to use and Font combinations will come up with a list of fonts that pair well with it.

    What Font – Ever see a font on a website and fall in love? But then you can’t figure out exactly what font it is? Get the What Font Chrome Extension and discover any font on any site with a simple click of the mouse.


    Logo Garden – Design logos in minutes! Logo Garden has a quick step by step process that helps you create the logo of your dreams without a hefty design process.

    Logogenie – Create a custom professional logo in minutes with Logogenie. Logogenie converts finished logos into any format; tiff, doc, jpg, png, pdf, and more.


    Coolors – Generate the perfect palette by just hitting the spacebar. Turn palette hunting into a game, and make finding the perfect match easier than ever with the awesome tool coolors.


    Place It – Want to create digital mockups without the fuss? Place it does it for you! With hundreds of options, you are sure to find the electronic item you want to mockup.

    Moqups – This online software brings together the ability to design, plan, prototype, and collaborate mockups. With wireframes, mockups, diagrams, and prototypes Moqups is a great way to plan design projects.

    So try a few of those design projects yourself and discover just how far you can get with some of these helpful tools to guide you!

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