Corporate Training Detours Have Been The Actual Effective Corporate Training

Training as a training culture, improve efficiency and employee satisfaction for the hand of one of human resource management functions more and more attention to corporate executives, many companies in the budget operators are charged to a lot of budget, human hope Resources Management Department to have sufficient funds to carry out training for the company’s operations to provide adequate support.


However, due to China’s training market is still in development stage, in many ways is far from perfect and mature, with very few companies own comprehensive training system, Lead to corporate training hard over the expected results, the wrong knowledge and training of the backward point of view, has become a minefield hinder the development of corporate training, there is a risk of explosion when stepped on.


Mined one: ignore the teamwork and learning


Comparison with foreign countries, China’s market is relatively low training costs, and the big money is earned by personal trainers, their wages than a ceo income even higher. Main reason leading to this phenomenon: we regard the value of training is reflected in a trainer’s body, while ignoring a successful training should be shared by a team of accomplished.


Number of training companies is often the situation: please a teacher, then go to a bookstore to buy a book to do Teaching material , Find the classroom, on the completion of a training, not whether there are several chapters useful to customers, so they rely on highly trained instructor. And professional training to the client to the general framework of training, first, the content would be according to customer’s specific needs and realities coming up. Trainers here only as a part of the implementation, they focus on the entire training team collaboration.


Mined two: a comprehensive program to introduce popular


Do not have a course suitable for all companies, because the course is to address the actual situation of enterprises, personnel quality and corporate goals set. Similarly, the introduction of foreign programs should not be scripted.


Many domestic programs are relatively old, mainly because some academic courses, corporate training courses are very lacking. On the current popularity of mba courses for domestic, mba courses abroad mainly for the quality and ability of individuals, thinking of upgrade training; but not for personal business training, but the entire company committed to improving the overall quality of corporate team . Enterprise training system consists of three elements: training courses, trainers and training process and, most importantly, the training process. Training courses through the process to be integrated with the trainer, through understanding of customer needs, through the course customization, training courses through the effect on the assessment and tracking of training to achieve the maximum effect.


Minefields 3: Training is not a fire


Home and training abroad, another significant difference is that in-country training is to train and train often, with a certain sudden and random, or as fire fighting, as a problem only think of the training. The outstanding foreign companies with a strong training program and are forward-looking, and the combined company’s strategic culture.


Excellent foreign companies is how to do the training for? Basically, the purpose of training them to do more clear-cut, the company has some of the concepts and methods of operation, they want unity through training can turn down the content, so that every employee the company has a unified direction of value. The training program each year they will have a more complete definition, such as overall sales this year consulting for sales staff in improved customer relations to improve … … The contents of the training program at the beginning will be clearly set out out.


Training is not a fire can not burn up until just think of it. Take training as a long-term human resources management projects, according to corporate training courses to determine their own characteristics and processes.


Minefields 4: Training is not a cure


Many Chinese companies like to compare medical training institutions, in fact, the role of training institutions, the best coach the team, because in a way very passive patients, team members had a great initiative, after all, coach can not replace the players are playing. High level of training Expert Can not replace the customer’s day to day management responsibility, but fact-based, enterprise personnel in-depth analysis and specific recommendations put forward convincing and training programs to help business people to implement.