AI-powered martech releases and news: April 11

A new campaign from PEDIGREE and Nexus Studios uses AI to create picture-perfect and location-specific ads for dogs needing a home.

A marketing campaign using AI to help dogs in shelters get adopted? You better believe I’m writing about that. The Adoptable campaign from PEDIGREE pet products combines AI technology with the brand’s global ad reach to create picture-perfect and location-specific ads for dogs needing a home. 

The Adoptable technology, from Nexus Studios, takes amateur dog photos from shelter workers and creates a digital dog double with information about the pose and general characteristics of the dog. Then, it refines all the features to create a professional quality image that looks like the dog available for adoption. It can reposition the dogs into different poses and create assets that can be used in any PEDIGREE advertisement.  

Even cooler, IMHO, the dogs in the ads are based on the viewer’s location and switched out in real-time when a dog is adopted. 

AI-powered martech releases and news: April 11

image via PEDIGREE and Nexus Studios

Now, here are this week’s AI-powered martech releases and news:

  • Dovetail’s Channels takes large volumes of customer feedback and uncovers patterns in real-time. It processes high-volume, continuous user feedback, and data sets such as support tickets, app reviews, and Net Promoter Score/Customer Satisfaction Score (NPS/CSAT) responses. Channels analyzes and classifies incoming data making it easier to identify patterns before they become problems.
  • Operative’s Adeline is an assistive AI platform that lets media companies optimize inventory, speed sales, and accelerate work. It is integrated directly into Operative products and designed to drive productivity across the entire ad management workflow.
  • Quickplay’s Curator Assistant search capabilities can create storefront rails that contain titles more likely to engage consumers. 
  • EXL and Quilt.AI have partnered to merge EXL’s deep data, AI and industry expertise with Quilt.AI’s AI-powered platform which uses big data to find human insights and cultural understanding.
  • WPP and Google Cloud integrated Google’s Gemini models with WPP Open, WPP’s intelligent marketing operating system. Customers can use Google Cloud’s gen AI tools with WPP’s proprietary marketing and advertising data to create brand- and product-specific content. They can also find behavior patterns in target audiences. This increases the ability to predict and explain content effectiveness, and to optimize campaigns with adaptive processes.
  • Lytics and Pantheon customers now have free access to Lytics’ Personalization Engine. This helps digital marketing teams the ability to execute website personalization in days and leverage generative AI technology.


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