Ad Dimensions Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

January 22, 2016

With the apparent rise in usage of social media, it’s become all the more necessary for internet marketers and online businesses to take advantage of the power of social media marketing. The most important aspect of social media marketing, though, is undoubtedly advertising. This could not be more obvious in the rise of its impact on online advertising in a relatively brief amount of time And, the ascent doesn’t seem to be showing signs of stopping any time soon.

Much of the strengths of social media advertising lie in its responsive approach to targeting relevant clients. There is also the evident steady increase in mobile usage, centered on social media. With that said, social media marketing is definitely becoming one of the major forms of online advertising. This is why many online businesses that are serious in their endeavors should never miss out on the opportunities that they present.

But, as with most advertising platforms, social media advertising is not without its requirements. Each social channel, from Facebook to Twitter, has its own standards for various ad types and sizes. Strict adherence to these guidelines must be exercised in order to ensure the optimum interests of both the social channel and business.

It’s for this reason that Dot Com Infoway have designed an infographic about social media ad sizes. In it, the ad types that each social platform offers are illustrated and listed, along with specifications such as image dimensions and the character-limits of each title and description. We even gathered data on the ones that are preferred by most users and offer the best conversions to help point you towards the right direction. This is why if you want to be provided with all the information that you’ll ever need about the ad dimension requirements of various social media, please use this cheat sheet liberally as a reference in your social media ad campaigns.

Ad Dimension Cheat Sheet

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