5 Reasons to Start a Blog Immediately

June 3, 2015

Never before has there been so much opportunity available for anyone who is willing to put in the time, work and effort. This is especially true in the world of blogging. With a blog, anyone can start a site of their own without the need to know the technical details of how to create a site, as it’s become almost as easy as writing a document within Microsoft Word.

WordPress is the free software that is used to power the majority of blogs on the internet today. Throw in the addition of a domain name and premium web hosting and you will be up and running in no time. While this may sound a bit complicating to anyone who doesn’t have a blog of their own yet, but it’s actually dead simple and you can be up an running with a blog of your own in less than ten minutes by following this simple how to start a blog guide.

Some Great Reasons to Start a Blog Today

With over 300 million blogs on the internet today, it’s never been easier and cheaper for someone to get started with a blog of their own. Below you will find five reasons why you absolutely must start a blog of your own today.

Have Your Own Little Spot on the Internet

One of the most common reasons for starting a blog, is to simply have your own little place on the internet. Everyone is talking about web sites, blogs and social media… starting a blog of your own is a great way to get something out there, while also not having to invest a lot of time and money in the process.

Start an Online Business

Blogging is one of the most basic ways to get hands on experience with a web site, creating content and even your own brand or business. Many blogs develop into high traffic sites and resources over time… which may even lead to successful businesses in the process.

Grow Your Personal Expertise

If you are an expert at anything, blogging may come easier than you think… and potentially lead into much more. Through the use of a blog, you can share your interests and expertise with others, while also becoming an authority within your space. This can lead to new job opportunities and even quotes and references for outside news and media outlets.

Protecting Your Reputation

Blogs are great for protecting your online reputation, mostly because you are building your own site property that will rank in the search results should someone search for your name. A good way to see what is currently ranking for your name is to simply Google yourself. A good note of thumb when trying to rank for your personal name, is to try and secure the exact match domain name for your personal name.

Use a Blog to Grow Your Existing Business or Brand

If you already have an existing brand or business, a blog can do wonders for your existing customers, outreach and increasing the value and reputation of what you already have in place. Nearly all big name brands and businesses are now using blogs to create content, engage with others through social media and bring in new traffic while hoping to turn them into longterm customers.

Starting a Blog is Easy!

As mentioned throughout this article, starting a blog is super easy and you can have your own site up and running within just minutes. Instead of just thinking about how a blog might be a fun side project for you or how it might help your existing brand or business… get to work and start a blog today!

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