3 Reasons Why Your Hiring Process is Killing Your Company

by Patrick Barnett January 21, 2016
January 21, 2016

3 Reasons Why Your Hiring Process is Killing Your CompanyThe hiring process is a key component in building a thriving company. Selecting a candidate influences company culture and the bottom line.

By giving due diligence to the hiring process, you’re more likely to hire employees that are a good fit. Recruiting strong candidates is a multi-layered process that can yield unwanted results when neglected.

Background checks and prepared interview questions are standard parts of the hiring process. Yet, even the most thorough hiring managers could potentially overlook red flags at any point in the recruitment process.

Even if you have an existing hiring system in place, you’ll want to make sure you avoid these three blunders that can be killing your company.

Reason #1: Illegitimate Practices

Unlawful hiring practices can cause your company to fold more quickly than it was launched. Close to 40% of employers perform research on a potential candidate’s’ social media accounts. While it’s tempting to dig deeply into a candidate’s personal life this way, it can quite easily lead to illegitimate searches and potentially discriminating presumptions.

Illegal background checks should be avoided as well. For instance, medical, academic, and military records can only be accessed with the candidate’s permission.

Conducting a credit check might be prohibited by your state. Currently, ten states in the US limit the extent to which companies can use credit reports as a determining factor in their hiring decisions.

Avoid discriminating against candidates due to age, disability, gender, and other personal factors. Taking a legal approach to the hiring process ensures that neither you nor your hiring managers face costly litigation.

Reason #2: An Unbalanced Selection Process

A CareerBuilder study indicated that 58% of employers leave out explaining the hiring process to interviewees.

But, the best candidates often interview with multiple companies simultaneously. Withholding information about the length of your interview process can cause you to miss out on recruiting stronger candidates. If your interview process is longer than average, simply communicate this to your candidate.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s possible to rush through the hiring process by speedily hiring the wrong talent. A high turnover rate weighs heavily on any business – small or large.

It significantly decreases department productivity, cuts into your hiring manager’s time, and loads more responsibility on existing employees. You don’t want to dissolve your company’s budget by refusing to pace yourself throughout the hiring process.

Reason #3: Ambiguous Job Announcements

Your human resources team can’t effectively hire the right candidate if you miscommunicate the skills and character you really want in this candidate. Posting a vague job description attracts candidates who might only meet minimal criteria.

They might tailor their cover letter and application to the language used in your job posting, but once hired, their performance might be sub par.

Matching company needs with candidate potential makes the hiring process mutually beneficial. It’s vital to communicate clearly the needs of each position and the ways the company can encourage employee development. In this way, your hiring managers can streamline the hiring process and find a great match.

How do you avoid engaging in hiring processes known to kill a company?

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